Time warp/Reverberate

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    Ok, so here's the situation. I have an active Pyromancer ascension and I play Time Warp, I decide to copy hit. My opponent plays reverberate before any of the two Time Warp resolve.

    So, if I get it correctly the stack is as follow :
    Time warp (me)
    Time warp (me)
    Time warp (him) <-- Most recent one

    So his Time warp resolve first and the other two after. Am I taking my two extra turns before his?
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    Yes. The most recently created extra turn happens first.
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    Escentially, yes. When he creates a copy of Time Warp and it resolves, the extra turn will be added. Then both of yours will then resolve. The turn order would go as follow:

    You (Current turn)
    You (Copied Warp)
    You (Time Warp)
    Him (Reverb Warp)
    Him (Normal sequence)

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    Wait, do they go off in resolution order or timestamp order? I feel like I'm getting conflicting things from what you're saying Angelique and I want to make sure I understand this properly.
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    No, both Angelique and Rootbreaker are saying the same thing. The most recently created turn is the one that is taken first.

    The order in which the spells are on the stack:
    Reverberate Copy(his)
    Ascension Copy(yours)
    Time Warp(yours)

    Order in which you will take your turns:
    Your Current Turn
    Time Warp Extra Turn(yours)
    Ascension Extra Turn(yours)
    Reverberate Extra Turn(his)
    Normal Turn Cycle turn(his)
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    Ah, I got it now. Since the reverberate is going off first, that turn is added. Then the copied timewarp is made, so that is added to be squeezed in before the reverberate copy is played out, and so on and so forth with the actual time warp.

    It makes sense now. Thanks.
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