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    One of my friends said that you can cast as many spells as you want without passing priority. He then played a Jace, The Mind Sculptor, a Garruk Wildspeaker, and then an Angel's Grace, stating that I couldn't counter any of them since he didn't pass priority and he had a split second spell. Is this true?

    EDIT; Crap, just realized I posted this in the wrong forum. Can I get a mod to move this to the rulings forum please?
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    You do not have to pass priority after playing spells. However, a spell will only resolve after priority has been passed and neither player takes an action. Furthermore, when a spell is on the stack, you can't play sorceries, even when it's your own turn. So you can't cast Jace and then Garruk. You could cast Jace and then Angel's Grace, yes, but not Jace and then Garruk. And finally, split second applies only as long as it's on the stack. Let's assume you could cast Jace and then Garruk due to something like Leyline of Anticipation. Then you cast Angel's Grace, with split second. They are all three on the stack, and neither player can respond anymore. First thing that happens is Angel's Grace resolves. Then Jace and Garruk are on the stack, and each player must pass priority before they resolve. When you get priority, you can counter either of them.

    To be clear:
    You do not have to pass priority in between spells, but spells don't resolve until you do, and you can't normally cast anything but instants or abilities when a spell is on the stack.
    Split second protects the spell it's on from being countered, but as soon as that spell resolves, it's not on the stack anymore, and so it cannot protect other spells from being responded to.
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    It works like this:

    -He casts jace (jace is on the stack, not on the battlefield)
    -He has priority (he can cast instants and use abilities that can be activated at instant speed)
    -You get Priority (this is where you can counter jace)
    -Once both players pass priorty IN SUCCESSION, Jace resolves.
    -Now the stack is empty, so your opp. can cast Garruk (and repeat the cycle above)

    Angel's grace does not stop anything other than angel's grace from being countered.

    -Let's say he casts Jace, then during his priority (while jace is still on the stack) he casts angel's grace.
    -No one can do anything while the grace is on the stack. Angel's grace resolves.
    -Your opponent gets priority again (jace is still on the stack) and he can cast instants/ use abilities.
    -If he passes, you get priority again, and can counter jace.
    -Once you both pass without doing anything IN SUCCESSION, jace will resolve.
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    After putting Jace on the stack, he has to pass priority before the spell will resolve. However, after casting Garruk, he can can Angel's Grace before passing priority, because it's an instant.
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    Quote from Stanupa
    EDIT; Crap, just realized I posted this in the wrong forum. Can I get a mod to move this to the rulings forum please?

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    He had a blue leyline out - hence why he could cast the planeswalkers at instant speed.

    So then theoretically he couldn't play the angel's grace and think that the Garruk Wildspeaker is uncounterable, because the angel's grace would resolve first, the split second ability would disappear, and then the Garruk would have a chance to be countered.

    Thank you.
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    He gets to create a stack as he sees fit. If it's

    Angel's Grace

    Then you cannot respond to Angel's Grace. However, once Angel's Grace resolves, priority passes, and you may counter either Garruk or Jace or both.
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    In the case where Leyline of Anticipation is allowing him to cast planeswalkers while the stack isn't empty, Angel's Grace will still not prevent his Jace or Garruk from being countered. Split second functions only while the card it's printed on is on the stack, and players always receive priority after the top object on the stack resolves.
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    Re-read the responses and understand it now. NVM
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