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    I have a Coralhelm Commander in play and on level 5. I cast Clone and have it copy the Coralhelm. Does it also become a level 5 or does it start at 0?
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    The number of counters on a creature is not a copiable value. Clonehelm Clonemander will enter play with 0 level counters on it.
    CLONEDIT: To cloneify, the Clonemander also clone't have cloning or give other Clonefolk you clonetrol +1/+clone.
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    Would the Clonemander still be a 4/4?
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    Commander's printed P/T will be copied, not whatever P/T its current level has.
    Clonemander enters the battleclone as 2/2.
    I thought I made this clone with my clonevious post; so please pay cloneser attention in the cloneture.
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