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    I am trying to prepare to take my level 1 test this Saturday and I was wondering if there is a study guide. I really don't want to be caught off-guard, but I have no idea what they'll ask about. I don't wanna spend all week studying the penalty guide and then they ask me to explain Banding or something.

    Any help is appreciated.
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    The closest thing to a study guide that exists are the practice tests at http://judge.wizards.com
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    do you get paid by being a judge?

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    Do judges get like cards or something that shows proof that they are?
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    Judges don't get paid but they are given product and special foils for doing certain things
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    The practice tests are great, and if you arent already, taking the rulesadvisor can be a good stepping stone Smile

    Go for the "Easy practice tests" and aim for 80%+, there is also one called "Level 1 practice" which is only availeble to RA's, but keep in mind that there is a cool down on that one, it is meant as a last test of readyness before you head out to actually test Smile

    to all the others, judging is hobby sure you sometimes get compensated with boosters or foils, but in the long run that just barely covers travel costs, so if youre in it for the money, getting a minimum wage job at miccy D's is more profitable...

    P.s: will you be testing at GP washington? or at a local event?
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    I just took my L1 exam last Saturday, and I'd personally recommend aiming for 90% + on the Hard Practice tests, since the exam itself is even harder than those. Also, pay significant attention to not just the comp rules (I'd recommended reading them in their entirety, if not all in one sitting) but to the IPG and Tournament rules as well.
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    One thing that has yet to be mentioned: Use the Judge Center to contact an L2+ judge in your area or region. The "People" section of the Judge Center can help you identify a nearby judge who would be able to test you, and would probably be a good resource as well to help you prepare for judging. Having someone to talk to can greatly facilitate both your studying and preparation for the test, as well as give you a chance to talk about situations and apply that knowledge.

    Every L1 candidate is slightly different in how they prepare: Some do well studying and taking the practice tests, others are applied learners and grasp the CR/MIPG/MTR as they apply to actual situations. Every candidate I've worked with (both L1 and L2 candidates) has brought something different in that respect. It's best to recognize all the resources out there, and use whatever works best for you personally.

    EDIT: Additionally, there are a few articles available that have been written on the subject, both by L1 candidates on how they worked to get to L1 and L2+ judges who've prepared L1 candidates for testing...


    The last one is a bit older, but the core ideas presented are still pretty good even these days.
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    Practice test, practice test, practice test.

    Also, sit down with me at the PTQ and we can see where you're at. I won't be judging or playing, so I'll have time.
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    Please keep discussion on rules resources. "What perks do you get for being a judge" really belongs in Magic General.
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    I feel that it might be worth mentioning that 75% of the exam is based on the Comp Rules while the other 25% is based on the Penalty Guide. I believe there are also a few Tournament Rules question on the exam such as *snip*

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