Gain Control of Target Creature?

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    I'm sorry if this has been asked before. I tried looking for previous threads, but couldn't really find anything that answered my question.

    If my opponent used Confiscate to take control of one of my creatures, is it affected by summoning sickness? I looked up the definition of summoning sickness under the little rules page that came with the new Magic 2010 Intro packs, but it just said "Creatures can't attack or activate their *tap* abilities the turn they enter the battlefield...". But when I googled it, it said that summoning sickness applies to when a creature comes under your control.

    Thanks for answering.
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    A creature you control cannot :symtap:, Untap or attack if it has not been under your control continuously since the beginning of your turn. The Confiscated creature cannot attack yet.
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    summoning sickness means that creatures cannot attack nor use abilities that have the tap symbol (or untap) in them unless you have controlled them since the beginning of your most recent turn. that includes the untap step, so if you put a creature into play during your upkeep it is still "sick"

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    Google is actually right. O_o

    A creature can't attack/T unless you've controlled it continuously since the beginning of your turn, which you haven't if you just Confiscated it.
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