Countering a planeswalker?

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    Hi guys,

    it's probably a n00bish question, but I haven't found a clear stated answer anywhere, but can you counter a planeswalker with a counterspell? And as what type of spell is it countered? Rules state you can only play it while you can play a sorcery spell.. so should it be treated like a sorcery? So if there's a specific "Counter target sourcery" spell is out there could it counter a planeswalker or not?

    i just got back from a 5 year hiatus and it's all new stuff so i just want to be 100% sure Smile

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    It's a Planeswalker, ergo it's a Planeswalker spell on the stack.

    You can counter it with anything that counters 'a spell' or anything that counters a 'Planeswalker spell' (there is no such thing ATM).

    'Playing it as a sorcery' is shorthand for 'in your Main Phase, when you have priority and the stack is empty'. Which goes for anything that's not an instant.
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    As Hardtrack said, it can be countered with anything that says counter target spell (Counterspell, Rune Snag, Broken Ambitions, etc). An example of spell that can counter for example a Planeswalker like Sarkhan Vol are Negate (it's a non-creature spell) and Flashfreeze (it's a green or red spell, actually it's both!). Things that can't counter it: Envelop (it's not a sorcery), Annul (it's not an artifact or enchantment), or Remove Soul (it's not a creature). Hope that helps!
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    Great, thanks for the replies guys!
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