Mana pools don't empty...

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    I found Upwelling in a booster pack a couple of days ago and I have no clue whatsoever as to how to play it.

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    I'm not sure exactly what your question is. While Uwelling is in play, any mana that is added to your mana pool (or anyone else's) stays there until it is used or until Upwelling leaves play and a phase ends. Does that help?

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    It is kind of confusing but here goes:

    Normally (without the upwelling):
    At the end of each phase, any mana remaining in a pool is emptied from the pool and the player takes 1 damage for each mana emptied this way (this is called mana burn).

    With Upwelling:
    The emptying process does not happen. If you have 5 lands, you can tap them for mana and it will stay in your pool until spent or the end of the phase in which Upwelling leaves play.

    So what would you possibly use this for?

    Lets take the simpliest option, a RG burn deck.
    Upwelling and lots of X damage spells.

    As an example game state, lets say you have:
    In play:
    3 Mountain, 1 Forest
    In hand:
    Upwelling, Demonfire, Disintegrate, Blaze, Forest, Mountain, Harmonize

    We tap our 4 lands for mana and play Upwelling. End of turn.
    Our opponent doesnt do anything about Upwelling and takes his turn normally.

    Our next turn, we draw a Mountain.
    We play down our Forest, and tap our five lands for mana. We now have RRRGG in our mana pool. End of turn.

    Our opponent doesnt do anything about Upwelling and takes his turn normally.

    Our next turn, we draw a Mountain.
    We play down our Mountain, and tap our six lands for mana, RRRRGG. We add that to what was in our pool before, so now have
    RRRRRRRGGGG (= RRRGG + RRRRGG) in our mana pool.
    We cast Blaze for 10 damage.
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    The post Gatecrash metagame is proving to be closer to the endpoint than I estimated, so its very possible that few (if any) more cards need to be banned.
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    Well, when you tap a land, one mana is added to your imaginary mana pool. If you don't use the mana from pool by the end of phase (or was it step, whatever), it will go away and cause you to lose life equal to the mana that was left.

    Let's say you play Seething Song during combat. Ok, now there's 5 mana in your mana pool. If you don't use it by end of combat, you will burn for 5.

    With Upwelling in play, that mana will not go away( and won't cause burn). Not even when you pass turn. So with Upwelling in play, you can tap your lands on your opponent's turn, then use the mana on yours.
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    nitpick : mana burn = life loss, not damage. It can't be prevented by effects that prevent damage.

    Other than that everything is fine.
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    OK, so lets say I have Upwelling in play and I also have 5 Forests. I can tap my five lands, create 5 mana and not use them to play anything and for my next turn I'll have whatever number of lands I tap for mana plus an additional 5 'cause of Upwelling? And I can also tap all my lands during my opponent's turn and on my next turn I'll have 5 mana to my disposal?

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    That works, yes. As long as Upwelling is in play, any mana you add to your mana pool will stay there until you use it - even into the next turn.

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