What's You Color? The Ultimate Three Color Test!

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    Yes, it is here, a quiz that can determine what three colors of magic most represent you. Now the quiz may seem kind of basic, and it is; but unlike the other magic color tests you'll be answering all of the possible questions. Now unfortunately I wasn't able to create an automatic system that scores the teat for you, so everyone will have to score it manually. Anyway here is how it works: each question will have five different answers, you'll select the answer that you would most likely choose and write down 5 next to it, then 4 for the second most likely answer that you would go with, etc. Each type of answer will have a letter corresponding to it, so you'll have to list on a seperate piece of paper the total score of each one, and then once finished, tally up the score from highest to lowest. So for example if my score count is a-b-c-d-e then I would poen the tab that has a-b-c, and that would be my tri-color. In addition to discovering your color there will also be links to insert a cool color description into your sig. And in addition give me any feedback, advice, and criticisms on the test and how useful it was, thanks. So without further ado, here is the test:

    Three Color Test

    1. You must venture through a dark and well guarded fortress of a powerful empire in order to destroy it's king and you have the option of choosing one mythological creature companion to join you, you choose . . .
    a. A fire breathing Cerberus dog that can easily destroy walls and strikes fear in all opponents who see it. Hey if I'm fighting this empire head on I might as well have something that kicks some serious ass.
    b. A wise and noble centaur that posses a keen instinct and has had great experience in life. Surely such a powerful creature of the wild would be an excellent choice.
    c. A Pegasus would be the best option, reliable, valiant, a symbol of purity in the face of the corrupt, a light to guide the way in the darkness. It's also a fast means of transportation and its horn can be used to stab away enemies.
    d. A sea hydra, its multitude of heads can confuse and out maneuver the opponent while at the same time destroy all remaining opposition as I plan on how to kill the king.
    e. A gorgon. It can turn my opponents to stone and is probably familiar with dark empires and such. Really, why would anyone want anything less deadly?

    2. A savage and deadly barbarian armed with a spiked war club is running towards you prepared to attack. You quickly reach for your weapon which is . . .
    a. A giant killer mace and chain.
    b. A wooden kung-fu staff.
    c. A shining and holy broadsword.
    d. A bow and arrow.
    e. Ninja shuriken.

    3. What were you favorite subjects in high school?
    a. Gym, art, and music.
    b. Recess and Lunch are classes, right?
    c. Sociology and history.
    d. Math, science, English, philosophy . . . . .
    e. Independent study and general electives.

    4. One day while working at the office your boss fires you for something you didn't do and he refuses to listen to your defense, there's just no way to reason with him, so you decide to . . .
    a. Continue to profess my innocence while raising my voice until my boss listens to reason.
    b. Go to my friends for support and acquire advice on what I should do next.
    c. Clean my desk, accept the job loss, and begin searching the want ads in the morning.
    d. Search into the matter and find the truth about what brought my boss to such an absurd conclusion and who the real culprit is.
    e. Blackmail my idiot boss and get my job back.

    5. While at the zoo your friend informs you that some crazy man has jumped into the nearby tiger pit and is preparing to fight the animal. Surely this man will be torn to shreds in a matter of moments. You first reaction is . . .
    a. No way, seriously!? I got to go check this out, which way to the tiger pit?
    b. His own fault, he should know better than to fight another creature that's better suited at killing.
    c. Where's the zoo security? We need to warn them of this dangerous crises immediately.
    d. Yeah, sure, crazy man in a tiger pit, like that would ever happen /sarcasm.
    e. Oh this I got to watch, that simpleton is going to get destroyed, ha-ha.

    6. As the new king, you get to design your own benevolent kingdom and government of your choice, your kingdom will be structured as such . . .
    a. Down with government power; power belongs to the people! If there is going to be any kingdom it's going to be a laissez-faire, libertarian stronghold of rag-tag freedom fighters in the outskirts of broken down cities and the desert.
    b. Begin environmental programs to ensure the well being of all living things. Then either plant trees around other buildings or construct buildings around and in through the forest.
    c. Design an established order on an official document of representation and set up a council of wise men to discuss political matters and moral problems. Then begin building the outer walls of my castle and training patriotic knights.
    d. Organize a system of political power among all members of my society while arranging roles best suited for everyone so that everything runs accordingly. In the meantime I'll start funding for the development of full scale industrial cities, businesses, and educational facilities.
    e. A capitalist society where only the strongest of corporations and businesses thrive. There will also be an emphasis for people to ambitiously work towards attaining greater wealth and status of superior material goods, such as entertainment systems, high quality cuisine, and cosmetic surgery.

    7. As the new dictator, you get to design your own evil empire and powerful regime of your choice, your regime will be ruled as such . . .
    a. Destroy all remainders of establishment and order. Burn every building, murder whomever I want, the ultimate power of freedom is at my disposal. No mercy, no rules, no morals, just pure and utter chaos.
    b. Lush jungles filled with savage and deadly forms of life. It's a society where its every beast and poisonous plant for themselves and only those that can adapt quickly enough will avoid gruesome deaths from predators.
    c. Build an army of loyal and devoted followers who march in glorious lockstep and possess unwavering support of my leadership. All citizens will conform to a standard of perfection and uniformity, and all other unworthy being will be cleansed in order to build the perfect civilization.
    d. Construct a mechanical society of machines where I have access to observe and monitor everything. Implant thought control mechanisms into as many android citizens as possible while collecting vast amount of data into archives, which I will use to redesign and control the world.
    e. A typical evil empire, fit with a dark and demonic castle, hoards or undead minions and slaves, skies of darkness, torture chambers to punish those that oppose me, you know the usually stuff.

    8. You're on a date with your girlfriend/boyfriend and you get to decide which restaurant you want to eat at, so you choose . . .
    a. A fancy French bistro that serves a wide variety of dishes and wines, with exquisite waiters who play violin while you dine.
    b. We'll just walk around the city until I discover a restaurant that I intuitively feel would be a good place to dine at.
    c. I'll first consider the opinion of my girlfriend/boyfriend before making any decisions, and then if they're of no personal opinion then I'll choose a restaurant that were both familiar with.
    d. I'll search listings of all nearby restaurants in my local area and select the one that has the best overall quality before booking a reservation.
    e. Whatever restaurant serves good food, so long as it's nice and cheap.

    9. A mighty spider deity from the sky has bitten you with its almighty super poison and now you have acquired superpowers based on your personality traits, you superpowers would be . . .
    a. The ability to harness fire, fly through the air, and run at extremely fast speeds.
    b. Spiritual communication with all living things, transformation into other forms of animals, and quickly regenerate form deadly wounds.
    c. Super strength, unleash energy beams from my eyes and hands, and heal the injuries of others.
    d. Invisibility, mind reading, and teleportation.
    e. The power to induce nightmares into peoples' minds, drain the life energy from others, and turn people into stone.

    10. You get to spend the day with a legendary historical figure, that said person is . . .
    a. Shakespeare.
    b. Robert Frost.
    c. Jesus.
    d. Socrates.
    e. Julius Caesar.

    11. Which careers would you most likely want to have?
    a. Pro sports player, artist, rock star, bull rider.
    b. Environmentalist, veterinarian, poet, hunter.
    c. Police officer, soldier, office manager, administrator.
    d. Teacher, lawyer, doctor, scientist.
    e. Business CEO, assassin, politician, mafia leader.

    12. You must navigate through a dangerous, tap ridden temple with hoards of vicious creatures in order to save the princess and obtain a legendary sword. What plan of action do you take when navigating through the temple?
    a. Find my most fearsome looking weapon and immediately head in the deepest layers of the temple, destroying anything that stands in my way until I eventually come across the princess and/or sword.
    b. Follow my instincts while I search every part of the temple, avoiding anything that I sense it dangerous and collecting any artifacts or clues that can help me out later.
    c. Gather a search party of close friends who are well trained in combat, assign strict rankings for everyone and then vote on who should lead the expedition and make the decisions.
    d. First I would locate a map that gave me an outline of the temple and collect information on the creatures and traps that inhabit it. Then equip myself with the most efficient tools and weapons possible and construct a plan on how I should go about my navigation.
    e. Hire several other people to navigate the temple first, then the remaining survivors can provide me information on where certain features of the temple are located. The lie to those survivors that there must not be anything of value in the temple while I go in to claim the princess and the sword for myself. If they do somehow manage to find the princess and the sword on their own, then I'll simply kill them and claim the princess and sword for myself.

    13. Today you are buying a new vehicle for yourself, what kind of vehicle would you choose to buy?
    a. Either a motorcycle or that really awesome edgy looking vehicle. I don't care if both cost a small fortune, just as long as they look cool.
    b. An energy efficient hybrid or perhaps a reliable and sturdy truck that I can take with me when I go camping.
    c. A car or van that I can share with either my whole family or all my friends.
    d. Any car with good mileage and lots of technological features such as CD/MP3 player, worldwide radio, and online GPS navigation.
    e. Maybe a motorcycle, or a jet black car, just as long as it isn't too expensive.

    14. If you had to have one exotic animal as a pet, which one would you most prefer?
    a. A mountain lion, cause it's both terrifying and it's a kitty!
    b. A chimpanzee, a zebra, a giraffe, a grizzly bear, oh wait, was I only suppose to choose one?
    c. A gentle and kind gorilla that can socialize with others and help in various tasks.
    d. A dolphin, its playful, intelligent, I never need to worry about it eating me, I can teach it to perform tricks, and it can be used as an entertainment attraction.
    e. A poisonous and deadly black mamba snake, the most fearsome and killer snake in the world.

    15. You have been given the choice to construct your own personal, mad scientist, creature avatar of your choice, how will you design it?
    a. Mine would be a reptilian humanoid fit with fire breathing lungs, rock hard skin, wings that stretch twice my body length.
    b. A fusion of various animals such as an elephant, a bee, a shark, a wolf, a crocodile, and eagle. Yeah, that would be awesome.
    c. My avatar would be a collection of pure energy concentrated into the form of human, with two extra arms and a sporty looking beard and halo.
    d. I would model my avatar design similar to kraken creature, complete with tentacles and the ability to breath under water. I would also have my brain placed into an indestructible vat that grants me access to all types of computer systems.
    e. A demonic body structure with spiked claws, spikes protruding from spinal cord, tail with spikes, and spikes with spikes on them. And to add a cool finishing touch, leather outfit with edgy sunglasses.











    Here is a link to the 2.0 version of the quiz: http://forums.mtgsalvation.com/showthread.php?p=5464820#post5464820
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    Sounds about right.

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    Awesome test! Apparently I'm Red/White/Blue.

    Now...how do I get it into my sig? Slant
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    Ha! That's a good one.
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    When assigning a point system of 5 points to first choice, 4 to second, etc, I came out as UGB.
    I do not agree with this.

    So I tried tallying up just my number one choices and came out as WBR
    I do not agree with this either.

    It was a fun test, but I am not happy with any of the results.

    After reading through all the results, I would definitely be BRG
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    Gave a precise result of WUB for me. Some of the answers could be worded in a more subtle way, though.
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    I got :symb::symr::symu: and the description is almost perfect for me. Too bad I can't bring myself to play a grixis deck, despite it being my favorite colors.
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    I got the BUG, but really it should have just been UB.
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    Uh, is it me, or can I not find the WUG results? (AKA: C-D-B)
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    Hmm my result was Esper colors (WUB). I guess it makes since, although I'm not really an organized person ;). I think of myself as more UGB, with a touch of W and not even the slightest hint of R (those who know me understand this best :D)
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    Quote from Khoi
    Uh, is it me, or can I not find the WUG results? (AKA: C-D-B)

    It's just you
    It's up there.
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    Quote from Khoi
    Uh, is it me, or can I not find the WUG results? (AKA: C-D-B)

    It's under B-C-D
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    RUG for me. I'd really consider myself UR but the G is somewhat there too.
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    Im RWG

    It seemed like a good test to me, except that after like 3 questions you could figure out which answer belonged to which color and due to your system it was always the same, for example a was always red c was always white and so on.
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    Hey, I tried to put it in my sig and it kinda shrunk. Don't know why.

    Damnation Studios , specifically Theismisacrime, are responsible for the awesome sig, many thanks to them!

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    That's clearly a purple Contraption being assembled.

    Probably so it can poison you.

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    took me awhile cause i kept wandering off but i got b/u/g
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    Originally posted by Bobnintendo
    It seemed like a good test to me, except that after like 3 questions you could figure out which answer belonged to which color and due to your system it was always the same, for example a was always red c was always white and so on.

    Yeah, I know, thing is I wanted to create the test on a quiz website where the questions woud be shuffled and the rusults automatically determined, but I couldn't find any websites that provide an intricate scoring system.

    Originally posted by Ballroom Blitz
    Hey, I tried to put it in my sig and it kinda shrunk. Don't know why.

    Use the sig url upload box to insert the picture; if you used [sig pic] tags it will shrink.
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    I got GWB interesting...my 3 best/favorite colors...
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    Very good work, sir. My hat is off to you.

    I've got my results sigged (obviously).
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    Fun test! I got grixis. (oh cmon it would be funny to see someone get slaughtered by a tiger at the zoo lol)
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    Quick question, should I expand the length of the quiz more, or is twenty questions sufficient for determing an accurate score?
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    UBR for me.

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    I got :symw::symr::symu: and I have to say it was surprisingly accurate.
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    Quote from Savage Brain
    Quick question, should I expand the length of the quiz more, or is twenty questions sufficient for determing an accurate score?

    I think that 20 questions is sufficient. You don't want the test to be too time-consuming.
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    I was UWR... I am definately UR, but then I'm either G or W
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