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Poll: Do you like oversized cards?

Do you like oversized cards? - Single Choice

  • Yes, I do 28%
  • No, I do not 72%
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    Do you like big oversized cards like the ones that came in the commander decks or the Helvault prereleases? They also used to send them out as player rewards previews.
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    nope these aren't real playing cards, can't put them into decks other than in commander deck or do anything useful with them.

    I have kept my Avacyn oversized card because she won my last prerelease for me, but that's not gonna happen all that often :p
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    they are fun art pieces...i enjoy decorating my binder with them
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    No. The handful I've gotten have been given away to younger players who like large, useless stuff.

    My experience has been that the people who like the oversize cards are the same people who think Vizzerdrix and Trained Orgg are good.
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    No, because I don't play Commander.
    It pains me when I realize that Wizards could have printed two regular cards with the same amount of cardboard as one oversize card.

    SCG prices:
    Avacyn, Angel of Hope: $15
    Avacyn, Angel of Hope (Oversized Helvault Promo): $6
    Half the size, 2.5x the price. What... what..? what.
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    Quote from izzetmage
    No, because I don't play Commander.

    People who play commander don't like them either! They're too large to actually play with, you need another copy for when it gets tucked into your deck, they aren't available for the vast, vast majority of playable commanders, and you look like a tool with your giant card taking up most of the table space.

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    I have, from time to time, entertained the thought of building a casual deck completely with the oversized cards. I know I would not be able to use it at any kind of a sanctioned event, but, I do think it would be funny to plop down at the dinner table with a deck made purely of 6x9 cards. I have not yet even taken the time to see if it would actually be possible to build a functioning deck out of them, but, I have been slightly curious.
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    Until they release enough to where people can begin building actual decks with them, like you basically can with the old BIG ones, I'm kinda indifferent to them.

    lol @ ketchakik: They are nice for decorating binders with; I do that myself. Smile

    @Jace, I've seriously considered it with the 6x9 ones. Just never got around to it..I'm pretty sure folks have done this somewhere.

    edit: I do think the Commander ones are kinda dumb. Why do these exist? I mean, I know what they're for but..really? You'd rather play with that instead of the actual card?
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    Just because you can't play with them doesn't mean they're not cool. I've used mine to decorate the inside of my MTG box and my trade binder. They're not meant to be used in gameplay and I feel sorry for anyone narrow-thinking enough that they can't find another use for 'em.
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    I cry when I think about how all of the oversized commander cards they've released could have been new planechase planes, archenemy schemes, or planar phenomena; something useful to an existing casual format. Alternatively, they could have produced actual foiled copies of the new legends in the commander products, at their normal size, satisfying people's desire to foil out their decks. I know not everyone likes foiled cards, but I'm willing to bet that more folks would have appreciate this than not. I hope some of the fan griping about the lack of utility behind oversized cards is getting through to wizards. I guess we won't be able to tell until either the next round of commander products are released, or if they try another helvault-style gimmick with return to ravnica.
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    There exist oversize sleeves so I'm pretty sure those cards are meant to be played.
    Using oversize cards to decorate binders is something that you do only when you've really ran out of options, like building a Menger sponge out of bulk commons/lands.
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    Meant to be played? Not when they are declared "Not Tournament Legal".

    Oversized sleeves are probably a result of people getting the cards and then wanting to sleeve them up. Demand creates supply.
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    They don't do anything. I'll take any old FNM foil over an oversized card, even if it's only a fringe playable one.
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    i wish the commander ones had been normal size, since theres no way to have those cards in foil except in their oversized next to unplayable form.

    all of mine just end up in a pile in a box somewhere. complete waste of time and money on wotc's part, and shows that they're a little out of touch with their player base.

    Meant to be played? Not when they are declared "Not Tournament Legal".

    Oversized sleeves are probably a result of people getting the cards and then wanting to sleeve them up. Demand creates supply.

    planechase is probably more to blame for that.
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    I like Magic cards that are actually Magic cards. I also like token cards, since they make the board state easier to interpret and nicer looking. Oversized cards are a waste of cardboard. They do nothing useful that the actual card couldn't already do.
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    I would like them if they were actually like cards. All the ones I've seen are just flimsy sheets of comic paper with a giant card printed on it. Not at all amusing to me
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    Just so everybody knows I created this poll to do a small amount of research to make a point, did I get the point across? Who knows. I guess only time will tell on this one.

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    I don't care for them nor do I have any useful application for them.
    They are...useless.
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    I don't care about them at all, even find it a hassle at times.
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    I play them for commander! I think they are cool.
    If you all find them such a big hassle, feel free to message me for my mailing address, I'd be happy to take them off your hands.
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    I do, but that's only because I've actually seen someone play a casual game with a giant oversize deck of cards. It was great.
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    I voted yes.

    --But only for legendary creatures to be used as commanders.
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    They can be used to proxy Tazeem in Planechase or Plots That Span Centuries in Archenemy...

    They can also be used to make proxies for the team cards in the Secret Alliances variant, the contracts in the Assassins Variant, or quest cards in the Quest Magic variant.
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