How many copies of a legendary creature would you use?

Poll: How many Legendary do you run?

How many Legendary do you run? - Single Choice

  • 1 4.7%
  • 2 27.9%
  • 3 62.8%
  • 4 4.7%
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    How many copies of a Legendary Creature would you use in a deck on average. Obviously you may run 4 of a 1cmc Legend than a 9cmc legend. But on average, what is a typically safe number?

    It would also be helpful to know how many low cmc legends you would run, and how many high cmc, so I have a good idea.
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    I'm going to vote for 2, unless one of the following caveats applies.

    More ability to search/tutor for the card (i.e., with Green Sun's Zenith) can mean that a single copy is fine. This applies often to Thrun, the Last Troll. Some of the Elves decks only need the single Ezuri, Renegade Leader.

    Some decks revolve around a legend resolving (i.e., Sneak and Show/Tell, which relies on Griselbrand and Emrakul, the Aeons Torn), so 4 of is strictly required.

    Some legends attract counter spells and removal (i.e., Thalia, Guardian of Thraben), so 3 or 4 is safe to run.
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    I voted 2 because in most cases that's what I try to run. It kind of depends on things that you already mentioned like cmc and how aggressive the creature is and how easy i can get it out or in my hand. I think 2 is a pretty safe starting point.
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    It's entirely dependent on the card. Having a general rule is just incorrect since there are way too many variables.

    Is it an early drop?
    How often are you going to be casting it?
    Is it resilient?
    Do you always want to draw it?
    do you have ways to search for it? (Time of Need, Green Sun's Zenith, etc)
    how much card draw/library manipulation are u running?

    these are just a few examples.
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    Thanks for all the input. Anymore common variables would be really helpful if mentioned.
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    It always varies with the legend. I might even go as high as 4 Thalia or Geist of Saint Traft, but never more than 2-3 of Sigarda.
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    IT REALLY depends on the format and the creature. Normally if they are a huge key player in a deck I run 3. Because if the opponent is very good they have answers and can take it out. And you can draw/tutor in to replace it easily without being flooded in your hand with unplayable cards.

    Two if they are only meh. (like thalia) and only a 1 of if I have plenty of tutors and is really worht it.

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    If the mana cost is cheap (1-3) I usually go for 3-4.

    If its 4-5 maybe 2-3

    It it's more than 5, I usually go for 1-2.

    But I also have decks where a 7-8 costed legendary is the only creature so I go with 4 on those.
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    The main drawback of running legendaries is the waste of a card when you draw into one with one out on the battlefield. You just have to decide whether this drawback outweighs the benefit that the additional copies of the card add to the deck.
    If its not a card crucial to the core strategy of the deck, I usually only run 1 copy.
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    I think three is a pretty reasonable number for most legends that you A: want to see each game and B: are confidant that you can hardcast it. I'd run less if I only want it some of the time or can tutor.

    For example--

    If I'm running vendilion clique, I want three, as I'd like to see it every game, but really don't ever want two in my opening hand.

    If I'm running Thrun, the last troll, I'm only going to run one because of the ability to tutor for him in many decks.

    Running four of may be appropriate for some legends, but in those cases, your deck is probably based on the legend and doesn't function well without it.

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    Unless I'm running Korlash, heir to blackblade or anyone else in the grandeur cycle, I run 3. Speaking of grandeur, I would really love to see it outside of future sight. Korlash <3 Lili 3.0.
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    Depends on your deck and what legendary it is. I have a green deck with 2 thrun, the last troll and an elf deck with 2 ezuri, renegade leader, and i have a friend with a delver deck that runs 4 geist of saint traft.
    I say atleast 2 so you can hit it and if you want to you can do more if you are not hitting them and they are important to the deck

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    i have always been told this .. no matter what the card

    if you want to have it in your opening hand ... 4
    if you want to draw it within the first 3 turns . 3
    if you want to see it within the first 7 turns ... 2
    if you can fetch it .................................... 2
    if it does not matter much if you see it or not 0

    i know that is not for sure ... but its what i ask myself each time with a card when building a deck ... and then eliminate down from there.
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