Have you ever opened a Fatpack that didn't contain a Mythic Rare?

Poll: Have you ever Opened a Fatpack that didn't contain a Mythic Rare

Have you ever Opened a Fatpack that didn't contain a Mythic Rare - Single Choice

  • No. I've always had at least 1 Mythic Rare. 17.5%
  • No and I've opened several with multiple Mythics. 14.3%
  • Yes but I have opened plently that did have a Mythic Rare. 41.3%
  • Yes I have opened several and never gotten a Mythic Rare. 27%
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    I'm on the fence about buying a Fatpack.

    It's slightly more than the cost of 9 packs but I'd pay that if I knew I was going to get a Mythic.

    I've seen 8 Fatpacks's opened and I've only seen one that didn't contain a Mythic. I've also seen one that contained 2 Mythics.
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    I would get the pack if it doesn't cost too much more than the packs inside it (it's cheaper where I buy them, since it has 9 $4 packs for $35), and the box it comes in is very nice for holding cards. You should get your money's worth out of it, I have generally had a good experience with fat packs, getting a Meddling Mage ($16 at the time) and a Maelstrom Pulse in one, while getting an Obliterator in another. Granted, these may just be lucky pulls, since these are the only fat packs I have ever bought since Dissension, but at $35-$40 for 9 packs and a carrying case, I say go for it.
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    Not exactly what I voted for, but I feel it's close enough.

    I bought 3 Fat Packs since I started playing this game.
    They were all from the Scars of Mirrodin Block, one from each set.

    The first one had one mythic, the other 2 had no mythics at all.
    However, I will say that whenever I saw someone else get a Fatpack, they usually manage to get a Mythic rare(or two...=/).

    They're completely random, sometimes you get what you want and other times...well...you get squat.(I didn't even get casual cheap stuff that I wanted from my last one. Q_Q)

    Would I recommend them? Maybe if you were starting out, so you can make use of all those lands and Spindown. But for someone like me, who's got plently of lands and spindowns, I feel it's better just spend your money else where then on a fat pack.

    Other than that, if you're trying to get a particular card, you might as well save up and buy the cards you want singlely, rather than taking the chance and opening it from a booster. It'll probably be much cheaper in the long run, than opening packs.

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    I don't buy fat packs but I have seen people crack em without mythics.

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    I've gotten 3 so far, one M11, 2 scars. The M11 one had 2 mythics (iirc, 1 garruk, and another pack that had another PW and a foil rare), while both from scars contained a single mythic.
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    I buy fatpacks once a year because it contains tons of neat swag for the added cost. that, and the fatback boxes are pretty neat when carrying decks around.
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    I've actually bought quite a few fat packs, and I can recall only one not having a mythic, while one had two. If you're really concerned about getting a mythic from the set, then the best time to do it is 2 weeks within it's release. At least that's where my luck's been.
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    I've purchased every Fat Pack since the induction of mythics (actually, since 9th Edition), and I can only recall 1-2 not having at least one. Some have had two. My M12 Fat Pack had an Inferno Titan. My NPH one was the best, netting me an Obliterator.

    What's really interesting is that my friends have always seemed to have much better luck pulling from loose packs than a Fat Pack or booster box, which is what I traditionally buy. So, having passed on a box of M12, I bought three loose packs, and pulled a Grand Abolisher, FOIL Phantasmal Image, and Jace. Hmm...

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    I couldn't answer the poll. I think it should be:
    100% I always pull a mythic out of a fatpack
    80% I usually pull a mythic out of a fatpack
    50% Sometimes I pull a mythic out of a fatpack
    20% I rarely pull a mythic out of a fatpack
    0% I never pull a mythic out of a fatpack.

    I would fall in the "rarely" slot. I used to buy them when they had books and stopped until Worldwake. I just got into the game and declared, if this has Jace the Mindsculptor (wasn't strong in that block, but it looked really cool), I would play in every tournament the store had. First fatpack, got Jace. Second fatpack (roe) got diddly squat (didn't even pull wall of omens). Got a Scars of Mirrodin fatpack.. again with diddly squat (I think Leonin Arbitor was the best thing i got). Mirrodin Besieged? Was besieged with crap rares like something Manipulation and Magnetic Mine x 2.

    Despite the fluke in Jace, I rarely got anything in fatpacks. I always try to convince myself... hey, I need Dismembers anyway; I'll get a few in the fatpack!".. and I end up with 100s of useless cards nobody wants. Just buy the uncommons you want and trade for the mythics you need. But of course, it's that gambling aspect that makes it so enticing that whatever I say will be ignored and you'll continue to see people cheering on facebook "Woot, I got a FOIL Gideon in my fatpack!"
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    Yes, and the mythics I have pulled have almost always been garbage. I don't buy them anymore.
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    I've bought two FPs (one Scars, one NPH), and neither had a mythic. The NPH one had a pretty good mix of rares overall, but not getting a mythic in either was annoying. (Both, however, had 1 foil rare, which is supposed to be more rare than a mythic.)
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    Voted "Yes I have opened several and never gotten a Mythic Rare", though it isn't true. There should have been an option along the lines of "yes, but it isn't common".

    My Worldwake fat pack had an abyssal persecutor. Its the only mythic I've gotten in a fat pack.
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    I saw a guy open two planeswalkers and one foil one or was it another foil money rare last week
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    I got two fat packs of New Phyrexia and had 1 mythic rare between them (so one didn't contain a mythic). The majority of the rares sucked too.

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    Quote from havesome2
    Yes, and the mythics I have pulled have almost always been garbage. I don't buy them anymore.

    I got two Eternity Vessels out of a Zendikar fat pack once. Yeah, I don't buy fat packs anymore. Though I might for Innistrad. But my luck opening boosters is absolutely terrible and I expect something like a no-mythic fat pack if I do.
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    My LGS had a great deal on SOM Fatpacks (26 bucks post tax) so as I was picking up some singles I needed I said hey why not.

    Cracked open the first pack, checked back card first, foil gen wave, flipped through the pack to the rare, Skithiryx. Cracked a few more janky rares and left 3 to open today, cracked one this morning, same routine foil Necrotic Ooze flip though the rest to an Elspeth (out of an elspeth pack lol). I still have 2 packs to crack today and I'm already at 6 rares 2 foil and 2 mythics so I call that value.

    My m12 fatpack was lackluster yielding me a foil sundial of the infinite, grand abolisher, and a bloodlord of vaasgoth (m).
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    I haven't opened a fatpack since the Ravnica days so I guess my answer is technically yes since mythic rares didn't exist back then.
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    i've always cracked a mythic in mine, i buy one when i feel like i need a pick me up in the form of "mythic pull"
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    I saw a guy pull four mythics out of a New Phyrexia fatpack once :p And the kid buys at least six fatpacks for every set.
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    I've seen it happen. I can't remember about what I pulled, but it's likely.
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