The Misprint Discussion Thread

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    Hey all,
    I was wondering how common misprints are and what kinds you guys have. I myself own a 4th edition counterspell with this back:
    I know there must be more of this exact type of misprint, because the Dutch online store where I got this picture from both had the same counterspell misprint as I have and a Durkwood Boars with that same misprint.
    Maybe this misprint is only found in the Netherlands, since both I and the store are located there.

    Besides the above mentioned misprint, I also own a Stomping Grounds and two Giant Solifuges with the text in their textboxes being printed as though they almost ran out of ink while printing them. A friend with whom I regularly buy a box together (He's Agnar, also found on these forums), got a Burning-Tree Shaman with the same low-on-ink problem. All four cards came from the same box if I remeber correctly and no other cards in the box had this. It seems to be a Gruul-thing...

    But now, what are your misprints? And might you know if there's more cards with a misprint like my counterspell or Gruul cards?

    (and for the record: I plan not to sell the cards)
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    There's the infamous Oboro Envoy misprint, of which I have a couple. They forgot to put "until EOT" on the card.
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    I have about a dozen or so Ninth Edition cards on which the frames are miscut so that there is more white on the top than on the bottom.

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    Quote from MajoraX
    There's the infamous Oboro Envoy misprint, of which I have a couple. They forgot to put "until EOT" on the card.

    That's not quite the same thing. That is a misprint, but what the OP is talking about are printing errors - faults in the manufacturing process that results in a card looking different from what had been intended.

    I have a few of the famous cloudy Time Spiral rares, like Jaya and Endrek, but they're quite common. I also had a good few of the Sakura-Tribe Elders with the splash of red ink above the eye, but they were also common. Cutline foils, crimped or miscut cards... nothing too out-of-the-ordinary or exciting.
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    i have a handful of crimped foil lands, a ton of miscut cards (thanks urza's block...not only were the cards broken, but they were also miscut) and a bunch of misinked TS commons & uncommons

    also i have a few copies of the 4/3 for 2R with echo from urza's saga that was printed w/ echo in one of the foreign languages
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    I don't have a ton, but I do have what's probably the most famous of the early misprints: the Revised Serendib Efreet. Apart from that I have a Fallen Empires card that's about 85% Combat Medic and 15% Goblin Chirurgeon (the top half of the Medic is cut off and the top part of the goblin is at the bottom of the card).
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    Do misfoils count? I have a ton of them with the strip across the middle... Have some old off-centers. I also had a foil Grand Colusseum, where there wasn't enough glue on the foil - you could lift it up in a corner.
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    I have a braingorgers that looks a little off tint...
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    Apart from foils with the seam down the middle and a handful of mis-cuts, the only one from my collection that I can think of is the Legends Ærathi Berserker, where the Æ was simply left off (leaving "rathi Berserker").

    I'm guessing that this is where they got the names for all of the "Rathi" cards that followed, as well as the plane "Rath". Cool
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    I have an Overgrown Tomb with bad ink and TS Sindbad with a wrong fontstyle

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    I have the Serendib Efreet error as well as the german Drudge Skeleton text printed on the picture of a swamp, which can be seen here:
    (Sorry mods, for this outside link...I don't have a scanner and could find no other image...)

    However, to verify this is a real misprint, please read MtG's Card of the Day from Oct. 22, 2004 or "Ask the Virtual Judge" at StarCityGames.
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    I have a foil Æther Burst with a strip of slightly darker foil-ness across the top part of the frame. Other than that, just a miscut or two, where the border on top is slightly thinner than the border on the bottom.
    Overall I find that Magic has the least misprints of any TCG I play, at least, since Fourth Edition or so. I have quite a few from other games, and my collections of those aren't the thousands of cards my Magic collection is.
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    I have a Reito Lantern with a some white blotches, but they more or less blend in with the white dots in the card art. It's not really impressive.
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    I have a Fallen Empires Thallid which is severly miscutted (a little of the card below shows, but I can't see the name of it). I also have a Chinese Slinking Serpent without power/toughness.

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    70% of Italian COK and BOK cards are misprints, so I don't consider them

    I have a misprinted Cabal Ritual that i proudly show in my teps (the whole frame is shifted up), that Smoky Jaya Ballard and an old island (maybe fifth edition) that has got mark poole's name really confused .
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    I have the infamous Channel the Suns, with black and white mana symbols in the text box.

    About any "subpar" mechanics or cards: Context is king.

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    Ah lets see, I have 2 Portugese Time Elemental with the text for Serra Angel printed on them. I have an Alpha Cyclopian Tomb with no casting cost. Then I have a variety of miscuts such as 2 Arabian Nights Mountains with almost no border on one side and a Revised Vesuvan Doppleganger with no border on the right and a massive border on the left. I also have quite a few crimps and a number of cutline foils as well.
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    Its a spanish time elemental. I have that too. Got lots of alternate 4th and summer cards including summer rares.

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    I have a playset of Jaya with the off-tint shade
    about 10 lands with crimps on the top
    and the famous swamp with dredge skeleton regenrate only one of those
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    Quote from Voila!
    I have the infamous Channel the Suns, with black and white mana symbols in the text box.

    I'm pretty sure every mana symbol in a text box on a Mirrodin block card is black & white.

    But dang I wish I had some cool misprints. Trade me some?
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    With all the cool stuff I've read in this thread, this will seem like nothing, but I have a foil Steam vines that has some sort of defect on the foil (it's like there are two boxes on the foil)
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    Quote from bristol
    I'm pretty sure every mana symbol in a text box on a Mirrodin block card is black & white.

    I'm pretty sure you're right on that. I seem to remember reading something to that effect.
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    If you have a card that is 70-80% one card and 30-40% another, which card would it be concidered?
    A friend of mine told me the other day that he had a card that was cut wrong... I wanted to see it, but he said he lost it or something (makes me wonder if he was lieing...) either way, if it did happen. How would you decide which card it would be concidered?
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    Well... I got an Acquire where the ink literally fades out as the card goes left to right... but thats about it. Every Marit Lage token sent to our store for the Coldsnap release event was misprinted (with the stupid lines going across horizontally and vertically on the card). So I got one of them. I honestly have more Baseball Card Misprints than Magic ones. (My pride and joy... a 2003 Curt Schilling with him playing for the Colorado Rockies...)

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    The one misprint that I have is also one of my favorites purely because of the ironic factor.

    I have a Revised Balance, which is completely miscut, to the point where the border of the next card on the sheet is showing. (its brown so it must have been an artifact) I just love having an Un-Balanced Balance.

    It will probably be the one Magic Card I will never trade.

    Makes me wish i had some scans of it...

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