General rule of thumb: how many copy to run?

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    What's the general rule of thumb?

    What cards should be 4-of, 3-of, 2-of, and 1-of?

    I heard that if you want to draw the card in the opening hand, and want to draw multiple copy, you should play 4-of.

    3-of cards that you want to draw at LEAST once.

    2-of if you want to draw it no more than once, but consistently getting it.

    1-of cards that you dont' want in your opening hand, and not early-mid game. used as a finisher?

    Is this correct?
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    More or less, that's it, yeah. It doesn't apply to all decks and all archetypes, of course, but it's a good rough guide.

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    I'd agree with that. I'd also add that if you have tutors or other ways to search for the cards in question, you can afford to play more 1-2 of's and other "silver-bullet" cards. In Standard, for instance, this mainly applies to the Birthing Pod decks.
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