Questions about Max Point Series?

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    I just have a few questions about the points earned for the Max Point Series?

    Apparently, there's a tournament in December where 20 points gets you invited, 40 gets you one bye, and 60 gets you two byes.

    I've gotten 2 of these points and they are physical objects. The language written on the website says "Players will be able to redeem 20 additional points for a bye (40 points for a 2 round bye.) Players will need to bring the MaxPoint cards with them for entry into the championship event," which leads me to believe that these points are transferable. If I earn 16 points and my friend earns 4 points, can he give me those points so that I can enter the tournament?

    Also, I'm noticing that this big tournament is an annual thing. And this big end-of-year tournament also gives points as part of the prize. Does this mean that these points don't expire at the end of the year? Can I collect 10 points this year and 10 points next year and redeem them at next year's end-of-year tournament?
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    I don't see why points would not be tradeable. They are just cards, they have no marks that identify them to a single player.

    As far as using some this year and some next year, no one knows. This is the first year it has been this way (and the tournament's second year in existence). Last year they tracked the points and the series ended in August and was run in conjunction with Wizard World (until the championship, which was a debacle).

    If they don't change the point token cards, I guess you could use them next year, but there is no guarantee the 2013 point series cards won't be different.
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    As far as I know, the token-points are completely transferable as they aren't tracking them (why give out tokens if you are just going to track players points).

    You could in theory not play in any qualifiers, and just trade for 20 points in tokens.

    As for the 2nd point, I would ask that on TCGPlayer, or read the FAQ maybe. I don't know if the token-points expire or not, or whether they use specific tokens for a year.

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