What to do with bulk commons/uncommons?

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    I've been sorting my MtG collection (by colour mostly) And in opening my last booster box I am now literally at capacity.

    I have a box for 'bits' of the deck I'm working on. But I'm wondering what is the best way to get rid of them. (preferably for a few quid!)

    How do other people deal with the masses of filler that is accumulated over the years?
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    Mmm there's always people willing to buy bulk, but I think you'll find that shipping costs make it prohibitive, so the answer for ppl in the US is local craigslist. I'm sure there's something similar in the UK as well?
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    Well, I keep 3 playsets of every common/uncommon in 5,000 count boxes. For sets that I open multiple cases of, and end up with countless extra full playsets, I sell them on everyone's favorite auction site. Depending on the set, a 4x common/uncommon complete set will get you $20-40.

    If you don't have that many, go through and make playsets of the ones that sell well and sell them. Otherwise you can to a magic site that buys and see what you can get for them. I go to abugames.com personally, but there are plenty of other sites that will buy your cards. They're only going to be a couple pennies for most of the crap ones, but if you have enough you can probably turn a small profit (and if you're just using them for trade in credit, you'll get like an extra 25%). It's certainly not going to make you a bunch of cash, but if you can get even $10 for them, that's $10 you can use to get a few singles you'll want, rather than holding on to a ton of cards you apparently don't.

    If that's more trouble than you want to go to though, give a bunch to a friend/relative that is new to magic, or you want to try and get into magic. Or set them into piles of common and uncommon, completely randomize them, put 10 commons and 5 commons face down into "packs," and have an absurd draft with your friends.
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    1. Give away to a new player
    2. Sexy dress for your gf
    3. write on them as proxies
    4. Wallpaper
    5.Other paper crafts
    6. Bulk sale

    Really most of those are good ideas for commons and extra basic lands but my best advice is just do something creative with them. Like the cube thing that gets posted on the Wizards website from time to time.

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    Or work buylists with them. While it takes time, if you have time or someone you can get to work for low pay, it's rather easy.
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    At my LGS we have this game called chop-chops, which is a good way to get rid of unwanted cards. It doesn't make you any money, but it's pretty fun.

    You start with two cards (preferrable junk rares, but commons work too), one for each player. One player holds his card out by the top and bottom edges, with the card perpendicular to the ceiling. The other player holds the card in one hand and brings the side edge of the card down on the other card on a karate-chop type motion. Then the other player takes a turn at chopping with his card.

    This repeats until one of the cards is cut into two pieces. When that happens, that card's controller gets a new card out of his binder/stack and play resumes. (The player who won the last round keeps the card he was using until it is completely severed.) The game is over either when you run out of Chop-Fodder, or when pairings are announced for the next round of FNM.

    The game is great fun, and a few of us even have special pages in our binders dedicated to our Chop-Chops "Veterans", which are cards that have defeated more than five opposing cards before dying. I have a Phyrexian Hydra that took out 9 of my friends challengers before dying.

    You can even Chop-Chop to decide whether to play or draw in a Magic game! :p

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    Commons and Uncommons are the gems of the set, really establishing a sets flavour and character. Keep them to make very thematic Cubes!
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    Quote from PorcelainGod
    5.Other paper crafts
    some suggestions
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    Liked that notepad a lot! Someone should start selling those.
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    I actually use the box for my dice when playing Magic, and I've got a couple of the Myrs sitting around, which I've used as markers a few times. Last time I used a Myr standie, it was to mark where we were in an Eternities Map Planechase game Smile
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