How does FNM work?

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    I've been thinking about going to my LGS for FNM, but have no idea how it works.

    We bring our own decks, and play random 5 people, right? And I think at my LGS there are pods of 8, with one winner and one random person getting the FNM promo in each pod. But what about all the other prizes? What do I get for beating 1 person? 2? 5? Is it up to the LGS to determine what we get? And is it worth playing if all I'm getting are the DCI points, or whatever?
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    Prize payouts vary greatly from store to store. There are stores in my town that have free FNM and payout only in FNM promos, and a store that charges $5, has 4 rounds, and pays out a pack per win. It could be any number of rounds, may or may not have a top 8, and could be either draft or standard. There are a ton of variables.
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    The only constants about FNM are:

    The k-value is 8
    It's run at Regular REL
    1st, 2nd, and two other random people receive an FNM promo card.

    Everything else is up to the store.
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    it can vary quite a bit from store to store. I've seen some that run standard events for FNM and others that do draft every Friday. I've been going to a place lately that runs a draft. You pay $15 to enter and the store provides 1.5 packs/player as prize support. You will usually see 8 player pods where the top 3 get prizes, but the pod size will vary based on the numbers you get, which could affect the prize payouts. If the place you play is running an official FNM event, which they likely are if they are getting FNM promos, then they will be entering the results to DCI and peoples ratings will be affected.

    I've seen places where its a fairly casual environment, which I like, and I've seen FNM's where its fairly competitive every week.

    My advice would be to go and check it out. If you enjoy it, keep going. If not try another place if you're lucky enough to have that option.
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    I'd play just for the DCI points, and like the others have said, the prize support varies from store to store.
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