Should I buy a Booster Box?

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    Now I'll get straight to the point. I already have everything I need for my deck including mirrodin besieged, i like buying singles so I get what I need right away, trading and waiting for people to get what I want and much more have to want something I have doesn't work for me.

    I've never bought a booster box, but I want to know opinions, do you generally break even when you buy a box as far as the value of rares are concerned. is there a set that's more known for its high value rares than the others?

    i know what you might be thinking, you have everything, what's the point of the box? well, i'm addicted to magic and I need something magic related to do tomorrow since there are no events- I just started playing so twice a week doesn't really get out all my eagerness to play the game! plus, who doesn't LOVE opening packs and pulling something awesome.

    so should i buy? and am i likely to atleast break even?
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    No you are not, not even close. The only time buying a box is worth it is if you plan to play limited with it.
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    The average value of an opened pack is always less than MSRP.

    However, this does not necessarily mean that buying a box is a bad investment. Rich Hagon had a great article a while back about the true "value" of buying a box - I highly suggest you check it out:
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    In college some buddies of mine would split the cost of a box and draft it. It was pretty fun. You just don't want to do it too often with the same set otherwise it gets old.
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    I got an M11 box, I cracked Frost Titan, Grave Titan, Primeval Titan, Jace B, Lilianna, 3 Duals, 5 lightning bolts, 1 foil lightning bolt plus a bunch of stuff, it was a pretty sweet box.

    If your still new to the game and you need a bunch of played commons, eg squadron hawks, manaleaks, its worth it for having a mess of cards to experiment with. I don't boxes or packs much. Usually trade or buy singles.
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    If you do, then find a Zendikar box. Full-art basics, fetches, several decent and pricey uncommons, decent mythics, decent really is good all-around.

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    Quote from ludd_gang
    If you want to play standard, it can be cheapest to buy singles for specific decks.

    If you have friends who will play variants and/or sealed, a booster box can yield an immense amount of fun. I use 95% of the cards ever printed in the Big Box, so I get a lot of bang/buck out of booster boxes.

    wring. buying singles, for any format, is always the cheapest option. Buying packs is ALWAYS the most expensive way to get cards.

    buying packs is just like gambling at a casino. Sure, you mihgt get lucky and make money on a pack, but over time, you will always end up losing more $$.
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