How can I fix a water damaged card?

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    My nephew spilled water on my newly acquired Siege-Gang Commander from Scourge and it's warped. How can I save this card?
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    Well, it's never going to look the same I don't think, but you may be able to make it sleeve-legal by flattening it out under a huge coffee table book or something else heavy. Leave it under there for a good while (like a week!), & see if it sits flat. That's all I know to do.

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    Yeah, water damaged cards are kinda boned. They'll never be the same and after warping, are usually marked cards for life in tourney play.
    Have your nephew check this link on how to fix water damaged seige gange commanders I found.
    Fixing a water damaged Seige Gang Commander
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    What you can do is possibly get the card damp with steam, and place is under a set of books, so that when it dries, it'll dry flat. I'm thinking of a process similar to steaming then bending wood.

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    well if it's already ruined, what about tring to iron it, like a shirt.

    i would but down something hard on the bottom (not soft ironing board), then card, then some thin fabric, then iron.

    it'll never be the same. but if you want to play it, this may make it playable in a sleeve. maybe. ??? worth a shot.

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    Yeah I'm not too concerned with it ever being the same, I just want it to be playable or sleeve legal. I'll probably end up trading it away, but not unless I can get it looking decent enough. :/
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    Hmm...just tell your nephew that he isn't allowed to drink liquids ever again. Future problems solved.

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