How do i prevent warped foils?

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    I don't know why but it keeps on happening. I hate it and i'd rather have non foils. I don't care if my cards are shiny because this is pissing me off =/
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    Keep them in a deck face down?
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    i keep mine in my binder back to back with another foil. if i have more than 1 copy of the foil i'll stack them back to back and front to front.
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    The foiling is done by putting plastic/metal on top of the cards. When it gets humid the cardboard expands but the plastic/metal does not causing it to curl. Keep foils out of a humid environment and you will be fine. Thick sleeves also help if this is impossible.
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    Leaving The Complete Works of Shakespeare on them also helps ^^
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    The ones in my binder are usually 90% fine, but when I deck them, after awhile the foil happens. Or sometimes straight from the box (like my Celestial Colonnade) it has the bend already Frown
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    I have this problem a lot which might be part of my adversion to foil. I live in Florida.. Hello Humidity.
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    Move to the desert. Works for me; I've never had to deal with warped foils, except when trading with someone else.
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    I'd advise keeping them out of the cold as well.

    A bunch of my new foils were left out in my car over night, and they were pretty warped when I got back to 'em, lol. Fortunately, they straightened out at room temperature.
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    let me start out by saying that i love pimiping out my decks.

    all of my vintage and legacy decks are pimped as much as humanly possible, bar a few beta duals.

    every card that can be foil, IS.

    that being said, i used to have the same problem. Here's what i have done to fight this horrible problem...

    first, keep your cards out of humidity.

    second, use new sleeves. i hardly play but a few times a week, and i swap them about every two weeks. if you play more, buy new sleeves every week. (if you can afford the foils, you can afford the sleeves to protect them).

    third, use good sleeves. i use KMC supper sleeves (typicaly orange).

    and lastly, you actualy CAN ripple shuffle foils, and this actualy helps. just make sure not to overly exagerate the bend, and bridge them. again, taking care not to overly bend (practice on cheap cards first). this back and forth motion will actualy keep your cards pretty straight. be warned.. if you over do it (i mean if you overly bend while rippling and bridging), you will find wrinkling at the top center of your foils.

    for cards not often used, it has been recommended to put a silicon packet in with your cards to absorb the moisture. though, i personally have not tried this yet, as i haven't had the need.

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    to straighten out foils, try this bcos it works for me.

    put the warped foil into a sleeve, along with a few other normal (non foil) cards so that it's tight, but not tight enough to burst the sleeve. then put it on top of a dry hot surface - namely, a computer tower, the tv.....etc. leave it for a good 4 hrs and it should significantly flaten out.
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    If i put all my foils into a hard sleeve protector, will it protect from warping?
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    put one of those do not eat Desiccant packets in your deck box
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    Quote from kramer733
    If i put all my foils into a hard sleeve protector, will it protect from warping?

    Yes, the humidity won't get it as easily. My foils in the binder also don't warp until they're sleeved and playing with them, I find.
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    Quote from Cyrax777
    put one of those do not eat Desiccant packets in your deck box

    I've tried this, and it works pretty well. You may also know these things as "silica gel" packets.
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    Store your collection in a room with a dehumidifier.
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