Calculating Mana base

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    Thanks to dakons formula to calculating the mana base i wrote a simple calculator.
    The calculator basically uses his formulas. What you do is for each color you enter how many symbols of that color there are in your deck. Once you enter all the values you then enter how much land you want to have.

    A side note i just threw this together so there so far is just 1 bug with it. When calculating it will round down leaving usually a 1-2 marginal error. It is minor if you know what you are doing but just thought i would point it out.
    The calculator is in a runnable jar file for any one to execute, i did make it in java.
    Im going to try to get a web version up and running im just waiting for a friend to get it to work.
    Thanks a lot to Dakon for the formulas to make it.

    I am not sure if you need the java ide to run the file but if so i will have a web version up and running this weekend.

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    How do you use the ".class" files? Which program does it need to run?
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    Quote from Allmother
    How do you use the ".class" files? Which program does it need to run?

    Its in executable jar file so i would assume you would need to install the java api. I havnt had a problem running it nor has anyone else.
    If you are still having a problem after that i will try to get the web based version up and running.

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    already been done, sorry

    Extra Special thanks to SushiOtter of Hakai Studios. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
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    Well dam. on monday i will have it so you dont need to have microsoft silverlight installed or have a java ide, it will be purely web based.

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    Pretty cool! Smile

    This is actually very similar to an app I made the other day for Google Android phones. (Probably the same formula too... though I did cook it up independently)

    For those who do have phones running Android, or those who get them in the future, feel free to search the market for 'ManaMath' as that is probably the name I'll release it under in a week or two Grin
    (It'll be free when I finally get around to prettifying the interface a little bit - right now I'm running a scrubby version that I wrote from my own personal use).

    It is pretty handy for approximating sealed deck manabases and such, though I'd much prefer the web-based version of this application if I were at home! Grin

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