What is the difference between Standard/Vintage/Legacy?

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    Other than the banlist, the fact the standard uses newer cards and the like, whats the difference between them? Do they all use the same rules?
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    They all use the same rules; the only difference is the card pool.
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    One difference is the power level (obvious).

    Another one is the banlist.
    Standard, Extended and Legacy have a banlist. If a card is too powerful, WotC excludes it completely from the format.
    Vintage has a restricted list (and a short banlist with ante-cards and some exceptions, but not because the cards are too powerful), they still let you play at least 1 copy of every black-/white-bordered card printed since 1993 in your deck.
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    The only other difference I can think of is that in Vintage and Legacy, the decks that are used are pretty static, when in standard, 'net decks' are dynamic, with each new set bringing cards that add to certain decks, cards that hose certain decks and new combo's to the table

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    Differences entail:
    Each format deeper down you go is an increase of power level and chemistry of cards.
    Larger Card pools
    More defined and longer defined metas.
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