How do you organize your cards for deck building?

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    Well, how do you do it? I have pretty much all my cards in a box or 2. Then I have 1ea of every type 2 card I have seperate. Then when I'm looking through them to build a deck i say "ok i want 4 of these and 3 of these" and set them aside. Then I go through my collection and get the number of cards i wanted and put the deck together and start play testing.

    How about youuuuuu?
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    Collection-wise? I have 7 boxes, pretty much setup chronologically by blocks (before Invasion) and sets (after Invasion), then core sets + other things afterward. (everything in by color) I don't really build new decks that often, so I don't need to have a very organized collection, at least.
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    I have a lot of binders. Each set has its own binder of highly playable cards, organized by color and then by name. Cards that are mostly unplayable go into boxes.
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    All of the cards I play with are organized thusly:

    Commons/Uncommons: in a 5-row box, sorted by color, and alphabetically.
    Rares: In binders, sorted by color and by set.

    I used to have all of my playsets and such in a box organized by set, but that eventually got to be a big hassle, so I decided to do it this way.
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    All type 2 rares in a five row box (along with tokens).
    All type 2 uncommons in a five row box.
    All basic lands in a 5 row box as well as common multi color cards and common artifact cards.
    All type 2 commons creatures in a five row box.
    all type 2 common spells in a five row box.
    I also have a 1 row box for 1 of every common for quick browsing.

    Non Type 2 (older cards)
    All other rares in binders (6 very large).
    All other uncommons in a full 5 row box.
    All other commons 1 box for 8 of each creature and 1 box for 8 of each spell.
    I have a 3 row box that contains 1 of every common.
    All excess commons are in several other boxes until I figure out what to do with them.

    I think 5 row boxes hold 5000 cards (they look somewhat like pizza boxes).
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    Originally I just had all my cards in fat pack boxes, but this didn't work out too well for trading. Now:

    In boxes, sorted by set:
    4x of each common [W, U, B, R, G, M, A, L] followed by all uncommons [W, U, B, R, G, M, A, L], then Tokens and a portion of the set's basic land to fill in empty space.
    Extra commons are put in a "give to a new player" pile.
    Rares go in a trading binder.

    This worked out beautifully until Shadowmoor's fat pack contained only one box. Now I have a pile of SHA uncommons that need a place to go. Slant

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    I have a shoebox filled to the brim with cards, two filled fat pack card boxes, four 5-inch stacks of cards on my desk, 2 of those stacks on my side table, and a drawer inside of that filled with just over the amount in the shoebox. Then I have my binder of rares, although most are mixed into everything else.

    I don't have organization (for all intents and purposes, my entire collection is "shuffled"), but I know how many of each card i *own* (since I open every pack, draft every card, and know the contents of every theme deck I've bought, and know every single I've purchased, thanks to my awesome memory) but I often forget all but the general area of where I stored the card. To find a card I know I own, I've often spent maybe 20 min flipping through my cards, one by one. (And by one-by-one I mean I pick up a wad of 70 cards and thumb through, scanning my eyes for the color, and if it meets the color, the mana cost of the card, then i stop to see if the card is the one I'm looking for, and promptly resume).

    Since I don't construct from my collection anymore (unless I'm literally throwing something together) I don't really have a reason to go through my collection unless I need cards for a deck design.
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    When I did play I had a chase rare/trade binder that I knew by heart basicaly since it contained the core value of my collection. Next I had a jank rare binder in which very rare was stored by color and set from oldest to newest. Then came playable commons/uncommons which I kept in fat pack boxes, then the unusable commons/uncommons sat in the huge boxes.

    Every so often I would bulk out the jank binder and walk away with around 150, simply accruing rares from pre-release to pre-release.

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    every one has there own techniques. me personally i just have all my cards randomly stacked(except for the most current set, in which case is seperated in to commons,uncommons,and rares) because i know what i have and dont have for the most part, so i dont have to divide everything by color and rarity. i only keep type 2 cards(except for the occasional card worth keeping(exalted angels) so right before set A rotates out i sell all my stuff in that set to get money for the newest set coming out

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    i have 3 binders i use. 1 for really old and powerful cards. one for the majority of my trading. and one for foils(which is feeling very lite b/c i got rid of a bunch of them.)

    with my collection, i have either the booster boxes i got cards from. or i use thos long white card boxes. i write(in sharpie) whats in them on the outside, and organize by color, and rarity.

    it alot of work, but its fun to kill time doing.
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    my system is kinda wonky...I have commons sorted by set, and then by color in 2 3000 count boxes

    uncommons are by color and alphabetical in 2 3000 count boxes

    Dual lands and Slivers are in a book because I collect them for use

    Rares are in 2 different places. the ones i use all the time are in boxes sorted by color, and the rest are in my trade binder

    *also* i only ever keep 4 copies of a card for ease of diggind in a big set (xcept relentless rats) and to maximise the set's playability...if i need the same card in 2 decks i just transfer it
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    I keep mine in piles about my room when deck building. But, mostly mine live in a couple of shoe boxes that I've drawn all over. I keep them sorted by color in both my uncommon/rare box and my commons box. I use those fatpack boxes for deck storage, and to keep my "good" cards in. Anything worth any real money I keep in a storage sleeve/toploader just because I lack a binder.

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    I have a large, wooden box with six drawers. My cards are organised by sets (one or two blocks per drawer, depending on the amount of cards), then by colors and finally by rarity. When I am thinking about a deck construction I usually take one of the Theme Deck boxes and gradually fill it with the cards I will be using or could use (some of such "deck ideas" have been lying in the boxes for weeks).
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    All my stuff is more or less flying around a friends house and when we start building a new deck it's chaos system + much cardlending from other friends ^^

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    Until I recently gave up on Standard, I used to have Standard-Legal cards in a separate box, otherwise everything is sorted by color, supertype, CMC, P/T.

    Now I am pretty much just trying to get into Vintage, so any cards I have that are in any decks for the format I keep in a separate Binder. Needless to say I still need to buy in....All i have are Red Blasts o.0
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    I'm pretty neurotic when it comes to my cards.
    First, I have all my good rares and textless cards in a binder, seperated by standard, textless spells, and non-standard. Then they are sorted in their categories by color (WUBRGH[hyprid]G[gold]AL), then alphabetized. Every week before I go to a tourny, I will make sure there isn't any spaces between the cards. When I make a trade, I write it down. (For reasons I'll explain in the end)

    I have a second binder with my "essentials" in it. It includes my dual lands, any rares i don't plan on trading, and basic tech spells that one may need for a tourniment (especially if a buddy needs to borrow something)

    I have about ten 5 inch binders with all the rest of my cards (commons, uncommons, and jank rares) seperated in chronological order by set, then color, then alphabetized. My basic lands are included in the binder (That way I know what pictures I have). I have one binder soley for the base sets.
    For a normal card, only four copies can take up one space, if i have five of a card, it takes up two spaces. For basic lands, only six cards can take up one spot. Foils get their own special slot.
    I have a small box next to the binder to dump cards that need to go back into the binders.

    Now my friends already call me crazy for that... but...
    On essential magic, they have a collection feature where you can basically have a running tally of the cards you have. I have put nearly all of my cards on there to make it easier for me to see what I have. Also, it makes deckbuilding so easy because you can draft up a quick list, then eM will tell you if you have the cards for it or not. If you don't have the cards (or if you don't have the number of cards your deck needs) it will tell you how many you need.

    This may seem so complicated, but with all the cards I have, I tend to forget what I have. So there have been times where I've been suprised that I have a playset of a certain card.
    It is quite awesome, really Smile
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    I'm a mess regarding my cards. I mostly play black, and I identify the decks and cards I wanna use quickly. Finding them is an issue, as I have a giant shoebox filled with a crapload of commons and uncommons. I also have two cellphone boxes crammed with these. There are a few jank rares flying around in there, too.

    My binder is slightly more organized. Front page is where tradeable or good stuff is, followed by foil, and then color pages in WUBRG order. The Black section is quite long, sorted as Staples, Creatures, Removal, Discard, and Jank. At the very end of the binder are a couple of pages devoted to cards in playtesting status (moving in and out of decks) or untradeables.

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    Alphabetically by color in two 1000 card boxes. If I'm using certain cards a lot, I will put them in a separate place rather than keep refiling them over and over. Not really much to say beyond that.
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