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    i know ultra pro and a few others make deck boxes, i want to know if any one out there has made their own deck boxes or if they use some thing else "house hold" to store their cards.

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    I've never made anything myself to hold cards in but I've found that padded nylon coolers/lunch boxes work well for carrying around a lot of decks. I have one that I bought at Target that I've been using for years.
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    Quote from releasethedogs »
    i know ultra pro and a few others make deck boxes, i want to know if any one out there has made their own deck boxes or if they use some thing else "house hold" to store their cards.

    I have made a deckbox using pieces of plastic and ducktape, then covered in electical tape. I used sticky velcro spots to close it. It was alright, and way more durable/waterproof than other deckboxes that I used. It eventually started to get annoying when the bottom parts of the electical tape started coming undone, though.

    I also use this:

    Its called a Card Coffin and its made by Cheese Weasel Logistics. It has a slot for a deck(holds approximately 75 sleeved cards), a small slot for dice and counters, and an extra slot for cards on the opposite side. You can also take out the divider if you really wanted to. These retail for around 8-10$.

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    If I buy sleeves in a box I just use the box (Ultra Pro used to come in a box). Otherwise I stick to metal tins that sell for about $4.00, usually with cheap sleeves inside (40-50! How cheap and bad). If I can't use one of those two, I buy a cheap one for $ 1-2, and glue the sides together so I get a few years out of it. Otherwise, I'm still using those old Ultra Pro sleeve boxes!

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    Old Ultra-pro boxes hold 60 cards in sleeves.
    Old Dragon Shield boxes hold 60 cards and 15 sideboard cards in sleeves.

    A flip top cigarette box comfortably holds 40 draft sleeves or a draft sideboard and several spare sleeves.

    A 4-oz sandwich size Tupperware container with lid will hold a 60 card deck in sleeves, a few spare sleeves, and two d20s in a pinch.
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    I generally use the 100-sleeved-cards boxes from ultra pro or dragon shield, but I've also carried cards in lunchboxes, empty boosterboxes (re-enforced with tape) and stuff like that. My boyfriend uses a couple of tupperware-style boxes that can hold a deck and a few extra cards/sleeves. My latest favourite is an old decorated wooden box that I bought on a flea market for 10 cents, which holds a sleeved deck + sideboard comfortably as well as a few dice, a piece of paper, and if I pack it carefully, a pen.

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    I used to string rubber bands around my cards with a few extras (basic land usually) at either end to prevent anything valuable from fraying.

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    I use that, but mines red and I took the crappy dragon off of it. Its a good case, holds my deck, extra sleeves and my sideboard well.

    I plan on custon painting it soon too, so that should be cool Smile
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    Depends. I have 20+ decks here and most of them are in cardboard boxes I've made. They don't wear that easily since I don't use them that much. But when I tested it in one of my standard decks it usually stands for around 4 months or somthing. If you really want to be on a budget, try those fat plastic containers where they used to put 10 disckets.

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    Best thing is, tupperware is watertight and won't rust, shatter, or crush easily. Take that, cardboard/Rook/plastic folding-style deck boxes!
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    I know I am gonna sound spoiled here.

    I use custom made high end plastic deck cases made by my friends local work place. All they do is make plastic displays and has made PlayMat tubes and Deck cases custom fit to store Yugioh and Magic sized.
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    @sapphire: I'm interested in the playmat tubes. Anyway you can give me a name or the name of the company?

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