[DOTP13] Beating Krenko With Jace?

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    Maybe I'm just terrible at playing mill, but I cannot seem to come close to beating the Krenko Goblin deck with the Jace Mill deck. Krenko's deck is too fast, helped too much by Mine/Font, and has too many cards that are basically game-over (Clickslither, Goblin Piledriver, Siege-Gang Commander).

    Anyone found a good strategy/decklist to win this matchup?

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    Jace is my powerhouse in dotp 2013 and I have beat every deck with it (a feat unprecedented by any other deck). Krenko is tough. Very tough. The key is lots of creatures and quick mill mill cards (Thought Scour, Tome Scour, Hedron Crab, etc) and sleep, sleep, sleep. Also, having some luck on your side to mill Piledriver helps. ut you must make the fast build. Slow cards like Jace's Erasure and Grindclock need to be removed. Also, don't flood the field with hand fillers like Mine and Font, they help Krenko more than you. If you can land Some early blockers and some early mill though, focus on blocking with good math and holding the counterspells for burn and Seige Gang and you should be able to pull it off. if all else fails, swing with your Phantasms.
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    Wheel and Deal, Font and Mine out, so when Krenko will run out of gas, he will stay out of gas (same for Odric and Chandra). Creatures in, like Phantasms and whatever 1/4 with mill for U,T. Oh, and counterspells.

    The only matchup I really can't beat with Jace is Bloodghasts/Wraths.
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    I actually out-aggro'd Krenko with two Phantasms. I thought that was hilarious. You can chump all of his little critters, but the Lords and Avatars take priority one. Crippling Chill generally deals with them very quickly, giving you enough time to draw up more answers.
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    I agree. I found Jace's Phantasm to really be good in this match up. These are especially good when you have a Chancellor of the Spires or Hedron Crab in your opening hand.
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    Scalpelexis can end him in one strike.
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    Scalpelexis can end him in one strike.

    In what universe?
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    In the one I beat him in :D.
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