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    Hey, just a heads up keep an eye out for breakbricker clearly a mod on tilt, Banned me from the servers for a few days simply because of an argument i had with another member on the server, And He decided to skip AS IS POSTED on the woogerworks rules list

    1 Warning of ban
    2 SHORT ban Less then 24 hours
    3 Long term ban - 24-48 Hours, and i was given a ban until friday which is even over 48 hours.

    Which i was just given flat out until friday simply because the mod was friends with the other user clearly and he decided to skip the proper steps

    He claims to have warned me, but never once did he Warn me telling me that i would be banned.

    Just keep an eye out for him he will skip the proper phases of being a mod and do whatever he feels like

    I should add, The main dispute with the other user was Because he was kicking me for no reason, Which ironically is a cause for banning and ironically he was not banned as well.
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    Alright, I'm gonna break it down for you...

    While I understand and appreciate your frustration (since we all occasionally go through cockatrice withdrawal), it's completely unwarranted.

    Why? Well, you need to understand that hosts can ban whoever they want, whenever they want, for any reason they want, regardless of what rules or procedures may be posted.

    Keep in mind that neither "brickbreaker" nor woogerworks owes you (or any of us) any favors whatsoever. That being said, we should all be extremely grateful that they even took the initiative to provide the platform for us to play on in the first place, especially given the circumstances under which their hosting was required (or rather requested) by the Cockatrice community.

    Essentially, when you're playing on their server, you play by their rules, which are subject to change anytime and don't require your consent nor notification.

    Perhaps this will put it into perspective...
    Laws and/or company policies discourage (since they can't fully prevent) people from playing mtg online for free which is why the main Cockatrice server is currently unavailable. Similarly, people are discouraged from hosting other card games like poker at home as it can be labelled as "illegal/unregulated gambling" (mainly because winnings are rarely declared and income taxes on said winnings are seldom paid to "Uncle Sam", the IRS, or other revenue office.

    Now say someone you know (friend, colleague, family member, etc) decides to host such games at home on a weekly or monthly basis. They lay down the house rules which include "no smoking or drug use indoors, take off your shoes upon entering, only speak English at the table, etc" and everyone acknowledges to said rules. Then one day you go play poker at dude's house, and he, his brother, his girlfriend, or his lawyer is at the game, IS wearing their shoes indoors, and casually lights up a smoke at the table. Then upon seeing said behavior you light up a smoke of your own without asking, the host gets upset, then tells you to get out of the house for breaking the rules.

    You stand up confused and upset, then protest "What do you mean? He/she/you are smoking right now! Why the double standard? Doesn't that make you a hypocrite?!"

    His subsequent response: "I don't care what he's/she's/I'm doing because that's irrelevant. This is my house, and if you want to play here you follow the rules I've set for you."

    Is he a hypocrite? Yes
    Is he doing you (and others) the favor hosting a game which is frowned upon by external factors and/or law enforcement? Yes
    Does he have the final say? Yes
    Do you have a point? Somewhat (that's debatable)
    Does he owe you an explanation? No
    Do you owe him an apology? Yes
    Is this (or any) type of favoritism "fair"? No (but life isn't fair)
    Does it matter? No
    Why? Because you knew what the rules were in advance, broke them without explicit permission, and you don't know if the host had some prior arrangement or agreement with that other individual which allows them to break one or more of the house rules.

    Truth be told, if he really wanted to he could charge you an entrance fee and/or take a rake from your winnings, make you pay for drinks and food, treat everyone else differently, and there's really nothing you could do about it (short of threatening to blackmail them), because contrary to what you may believe or feel entitled to, not everyone is equal nor deserves equal treatment in any private establishment. Therefore, depending on the social status of the relationships between parties in said establishment, some people will be given favorable treatment or exemptions to the "rules" and others won't.

    Don't like it?
    Play somewhere else.

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    If you get kicked from a room, then the opponent clearly doesn't want to play with you. I'm sure your opponent had a reason to kick you, whether they told you what that reason was or not. Rejoining the room serves no purpose other than to annoy your opponent. This is harassment. I'm not surprised you got kicked, grow and obey the rules of the server.

    Breakbricker is a fine mod, he was a mod of the old server and he is a mod of the new server. Whether he warned you or not (and I'm certain he would have, its unlikely he would ever ban someone without warning) you were breaking the rules of the server and harassing another player.

    If you have a problem with the players and mods, then find somewhere else to play.
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    To avid getting banned and to avoid having to deal with mods, don't say anything in the chat unless it's necessary, If someone kicks you don't join the other persons game. Using this, I have never been banned from cockatrice.
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    All users in the cockatrice community are expected to behave in a mature and polite manner while on the server in order to create an open and welcoming an environment for all players. This guide should serve as an example of what is not acceptable behavior. Anything written here may be updated at any time, without notification. Users are encouraged to periodically review this page to familiarize themselves with the most recent updates. The following is not to be seen as an all-inclusive list of punishable offenses. The cockatrice moderation team reserves the right to take action against offenses not listed below. It's important to note that if someone else gets access to your account and gets you banned, you will not be unbanned. You are responsible for what goes on with your account. Similarly, if another user in your household or on your network gets your IP adress banned, it will not be unbanned. If you feel that you have recieved an unjust or unreasonable ban, please contact an administrator / moderator and they will forward all requests accordingly. This server incorperates the 3 strike rule system. How ever the cockatrice moderation team reserves the right to take immediate action without warning if they find that the situation calls for it. <---GreatLubu forgot to read the fine print...
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