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    Well, since hearing about the return to Ravnica, even if it's true or not, I got this idea. Keep in mind though, this is reeeeally badly written because it was a quick draft I just came wrote up in like half an hour :p I want to know what people think about the idea before continuing to flesh out the characters and actually write it.


    Since the destruction of the Guildpact, the guilds of Ravnica have lost their glory, and don't really have a role in the governing of the plane anymore, and as far as anyone knows there was no government. But all that changed, when a powerful Planeswalker named Jace Beleren took control of the Ravnica sect of Infinite Consortium, which was part of a powerful interplanar organization. Jace had heard stories about the greatness and prosperity that Ravnica had under the ten guilds, and envied their active role in government, instead of the shifty behind the scenes work he and his Consortium were doing, but could never figure out how to resurrect the guilds. . . Until now.

    Ravnica has become a hotspot for planeswalkers, dozens have traveled to Ravnica, drawn by some unseen force. That force was Jace, or rather his invention, the mana radiator. Jace's artificiers had built a machine that radiated the promise of pure, irresistible mana across the Blind Eternities.

    The most powerful thirteen 'Walkers to arrive on Ravnica were sought out by Jace, and they agreed to rebuild the Guild system, with themselves as the leaders. To honor the original guilds, they used the same names, but, except for the Azorius (Government,) Boros (Police Force,) and Orzhov (Commerce,) had different civil jobs.

    But as none of them knew, a 'Walker, more powerful than any of them, had arrived on Ravnica, seeking to eradicate all other Planeswalkers from the Multiverse. She had gained her immense, unstoppable power in a selfish, power- hungry, way, and is prepared to use the same tactics to complete her mission.

    Her name is Liliana Vess.


    Azorius- Jace
    Orzhov- Sorin
    Boros- Elspeth, Gideon
    Dimir- Tezzeret
    Simic- Kiora Atua
    Izzet- Ral Zarek, Niv- Mizzet
    Rakdos- Sarkhan, Chandra
    Golgari- Nissa
    Gruul- Garruk, Koth
    Selesnya- Ajani, Karn

    Jace Beleren knows that there will be treachery among the 'walkers he used to found the guilds. But the point here is that he did use them. He doesn't care if they fight among themselves, as long as it stays off the pedestrian level and the guilds stay intact. His real purpose for this is power. By creating a new "Guildpact," he has control over the others.

    Sorin Markov has no intention of keeping his promise to Jace, but decided that he'd use this as an opportunity to gain valuable information about other 'Walkers. Sorin has chosen Orzhov, because for every legal commercial project, there's an illegal one. Sorin plans to use this to his advantage against the others.

    Elspeth Tirel no longer sees the world, driven mentally insane by her hatred and fear of the Phyrexians, she blindly stumbled to Ravnica, drawn by its immense power. Pitied by Gideon, he agreed to look after her as the co- leader of the Boros Legion.

    Gideon Jura is on Ravnica for one reason, to get help for his fight against the Eldrazi scourge. He cares nothing for the guilds, but the chance to gain allies has convinced him to go along with Jace's plan. He sees a mind that can be easily manipulated in Elspeth, and plans to fill her broken mind with his ideals, and use her power for himself.

    Tezzeret loathes Jace. He's only here by the whim of his master. Bolas wants to keep an eye on such a large congregation of planeswalkers, the largest the Multiversse has ever seen.

    Kiora Atua believes that the old ideas of the Simic were abominable. She believes that instead of technologically "enhancing" sentient beings, we should be reverted to or primal, instinctive states, like the great beasts of the sea she reveres. Kiora has sensed the same ideals in Garruk, and seeks to use him in her plot to revert society to its animalistic ways.

    Ral Zarek, a mysterious Planeswalker none of the others have ever encountered has stepped forward to lead the Izzet. Specializing in his own breed of magic, which combines a pyromancer's rage with a mind mage's cool, analytical attitude, Zarek has proven himself to be a worthy leader.

    Unknown to the others, Zarek is an extremely well crafted illusion created by Niv- Mizzet, the old master of the Izzet who has gone into hiding. Mizzet saw no need to show his presence to the other 'walkers, instead watching afar through Zarek.

    Sarkhan Vol, the uncontrollable, slightly insane agent of Bolas is on Ravnica to watch Tezzeret. Bolas has complete faith in Sarkhan, but must be sure of Tezzeret's allegiance.

    Chandra Nalaar's motive for coming to Ravnica isn't clear. She seeks vengeance against Jace, an old enemy, and has a fight to pick with Gideon. Assigned to the new "Cult of Rakdos," Chandra is already in an opposing position to Gideon and his "Boros Legion." Chandra has learned to harness her power, but at a price. By delving in dark magics, she has gained extreme control and skill with her magic, but is tainted with wrongly developed black mana, which is slowly sapping at her lifeforce.

    Nissa Revane has given up on her past of green mana. After seeing the harsh destruction of her homeworld, Zendikar, Nissa has realized that land decays and cannot be saved, but bodies never can be reanimated. Tapping into her already impressive source of black mana, Nissa has learned necromancy, and has become the new queen of the Golgari, channeling into the spirits of the Devkarin matkas, the old elven spiritual leaders. Nissa is arguably one of the strongest 'walkers on Ravnica.

    Garruk Wildspeaker felt sick as soon as he stepped foot on the urban world of Ravnica. Something inside him broke, and rage consumed his body. How dare they override this beautiful land with disgusting metal and artificiality? Garruk detests the harsh, metallic aura of his co- leader Koth, but acknowledges the geomancer's skill. Garruk has harnessed the rage within him, and now expertly wields both green and red mana.

    Koth of Mirrodin's Hammer tribe is a distraught geomancer. After seeing his home world succumb to the blight of Phyrexia, he nearly lost his mind, but found the hotspot of Ravnica. and was awed by the artificiality of the plane. Koth is skilled at manipulating landforms, and along with Garruk has begun to restore Ravnica to its original state. Working closely with Ajani and Karn of the Selesnya Conclave, they have managed to bring prosperity to some remote parts of the urban world.

    Ajani Goldmane had been leading a peaceful life before being contacted by an old "friend," Sarkhan Vol. Vol convinced Ajani to come to Ravnica to help run the new Selesnya Conclave. But the real reason was to get Ajani closer to Vol's master, who wishes to exact revenge on Ajani.

    Karn has lead a long, confusing life. Created by Urza as part of his Bloodline Project, he became part of the crew Weatherlight, became a Planeswalker, given up his Spark to close a Time Rift, and become the Phyrexian Father of Machines. Karn was given back a Spark when his friend Venser sacrificed himself to save Karn. Karn still has random fits of insanity, and is struggling to break his mental connection with Phyrexia. Karn decided to be a Selesnyan because he has grieved over the loss of his artifical plane, Mirrodin. He is now obsessed with preserving nature.

    Liliana Vess is one of the most, if not the most, powerful Planeswalkers currently. After making a deal with four demons to preserve her youth and magic, she was udner their debt. Until she found the Chain Veil. Liliana has broken her contract with her demons, and become powerful again. Too powerful.

    Liliana's anti- aging charm became erratic, and when she ascended to her power, she also strengthened the enchantment. Liliana now has the immense power of a possesed 'walker (which she is,) but is trapped inside the body of herself as a young teenager. She now seeks to exact revenge on the world, and has stretched her abilities to encompass all the colors of mana, except, of course, green.

    I know this is pretty bad formatting and writing, but I just wanted to get the basic ideas down. What do you guys think? Smile
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    Good writing overall. I'm not sure I see Gideon as this sinister being who wants to use Elspeth, it seems kind of out of his nature. The rest of the walkers seem fine, though I see a lot of black mana being used.....maybe too much.

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    Well Gideon doesn't exactly want to "use" Elspeth, he sees the abilities and strengths she has and doesn't want to let them go to waste, so he's basically "molding" her to fit his ideals. So literally making instead of finding an ally.
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    Whoah, a Planeswalker heavy set? Wow! Though I suspect the 'walkers will be spread throughout the block, so we might not get Garruk #4 in the first set.
    Here's hoping for more NEPHILIM love! Also, I hope for a return of Doubling Season, so I can get a playset for my planned Thallid deck.
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    Here's my schtick. It's very well written, but it breaks the overall story set up thusfar. If anything, in fact, the sinister planeswalker should be Nicol Bolas, who seeks to consume life sparks to begin with. The infinite mana would just be an added bonus to him.

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    i agree with nicol bolas as the main enemy.... and niv mizzet should return as a walker to battle nicole bolas to defend ravnica.
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    Magic seemed sketchy at best on the subject of a planeswalker for each guild and while the basic plot flowed give or take rather well I think the idea of multiple planeswalkers for so many guilds is just not going to happen. My hope is they'll blow people away and go a different way completely. I mean gold sets a given, but does that mean ten guilds. I hope not. Magic is about experiencing new things hearing new tales. I fear if they do ten guilds then they'll be tempted to fill that set in with been there done that reprints, filler, and themes. I mean your story has a great fell to it, but if you reprint simic cards for example how many simic players will be pissed they're missing creatures with graft. Just a thought, but I'm all for it if they can redo the ten guilds with flavor of something new this would be a great starting point.
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    For sure there are more than just 20 planeswalkers in the multiverse. What about an "In-Justice League"? A gang of rogue, selfish planeswalkers not exactly like the egotistic Nicol Bolas. I'd like to see a Good PW vs. Bad PW war kinda like WWII.
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