October Artwork Contest

Poll: Please vote according to the rules below

Please vote according to the rules below - Multiple Choice

  • Cartoonist 12.5% of Users - 2 votes
  • Spade 25% of Users - 4 votes
  • Zombie Shakespeare 81.2% of Users - 13 votes

This poll has ended as of 11/15/2012 4:13:53 PM

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    banner by FirePenguinMaster

    Poll Rules - Please read before voting

    • When voting, please assess how each entry fulfilled the challenge and take into account the quality of work submitted
    • Multi-vote: You can vote for more than one entry and this way give credit to more than one artist.
    • You are not allowed to vote for yourself. Votes are public and can be seen by everyone else
    • Feel free to comment on your vote. People will appreciate it.
    • Entries are displayed in the order they were submitted: first entries first, last entries last
    • The artist with the most votes will win
    • This poll will close on 15 November

    Challenge in October
    Take an important character from the game storyline and redo it the way you like.

    Aaalright, in October we have three very different entries, very nice Smile Let's see who is going to take the trophy!

    Here are the enties - good luck everyone!

    Cartoonist - New version of Liliana

    Spade - New version of Squee in Manga style

    Zombie Shakespeare - New version of Garruk

    "This is a more of a reboot of Garruk's origins than an alternate future version. I think it would have been interesting if he started out as a thin, peace loving hippie back in the day. Perhaps a run-in with a planeswalker set him off and he started down a more aggressive path. He started working out and eventually became a planeswalker we know today"

    Check out my gallery of altered cards


    :symg::symw: Enchantress

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