Green Goes All the Way: A Junior Super Series Championship Tournament Report

By Gavin Verhey

The Junior Super Series Championship. It seems now that it happened so long ago when it reality it has only been a few weeks. It's all a blur in my mind really: four days of card playing action. To start things off, I need to go back a bit farther. Prior to the long trip to Baltimore, I had two decks built: Mono green and Mox and Nail. I arrived in Baltimore the Thursday of the grinders at 7:30 Baltimore time (4:30 Seattle time). I wanted to try and grind into Nationals, and I played in 4 out of 5 grinders to no avail. I did bad partially because I was extremely tired with less then two hours or sleep and because I played Mox and Nail in 3 out of the 5 grinders, a horrible metagame choice. Yes, luckily for me the grinders let me check out the metagame and it seemed to be lots of White Weenie and Sligh, followed by Tooth and Nail. Mox and Nail seemed to be an awful metagame choice as the only matches it was winning was the mirror. Thus the choice was good old reliable mono-green. Sameer Merchant and I tweaked our mono-green decklist a little to fit the metagame. This was my decklist going into the event:

Gavin Verhey's Mono-Green AggroMagic OnlineOCTGN2ApprenticeBuy These Cards
21 Forest
1 Swamp

4 Sakura-Tribe Elder
4 Birds of Paradise
4 Eternal Witness
2 Viridian Zealot
3 Rushwood Dryad
4 Troll Ascetic

Other Spells:
4 Blanchwood Armor
3 Sword of Fire and Ice
3 Plow Under
3 Umezawa's Jitte
4 Beacon of Creation

We made the following changes to the maindeck:

-4 Eternal Witness: Eternal Witness is great against Tooth and Nail and Mono-Blue Tron, but the two most common decks seemed to be Sligh and White Weenie and I wanted cards that could beat those decks. Maybe something like....

+3 Iwamori of the Open Fist: This card stomps all over White Weenie and Sligh. They will occasionally get a free Zo-Zu or Hokori, Dust Drinker but a 5/5 Trampler is pretty hard for them to handle, especially if you suit it up with some equipment or Blanchwood Armor.

+1 Plow Under: Losing the Eternal Witnesses hurts your Tooth and Nail matchup, so to make up for their loss I added the fourth Plow Under to the maindeck. This also frees up a sideboard slot.

In the sideboard we made these changes:

-3 Arashi the Sky Asunder: it's decent against White Weenie to get rid of their annoying fliers, and if I play any Mono-Blue (which looked near non-existent) it's really good, but most of the time it sits in my sideboard and in a large tournament like this, every card slot needs to be used to its utmost efficiency.

-2 Splinter: I loved this card, I really did. But it just wasn't accomplishing its goal, and thus it was replaced with cards that do what you want, but at instant speed.

+2 Wear Away: While I love Splinter's effect, in this format and with this deck you usually just need to destroy an artifact once or twice. It can also cause some bad attacks for your opponent as their equipped creature suddenly runs into a Naturalize and dies to one of your creatures. Plus, it destroys Enchantments.

+1 Naturalize: See above. The reason for the two different ones is just in case of something random like Quash.

+1 Creeping Mold: With the absence of Eternal Witness the Urzatron hate has to be stepped up because you can't reuse it anymore. Going up to 4 Creeping Molds is Urzatron hate, so I brought it up to the full four copies.

+2 Sword of Light and Shadow: This card is really, really good against White Weenie. It makes your creature unblockable, which is all you usually need, and the lifegain is a nice little side effect (I can't say so much for the recursion effect. I think the most I got out of the recursion effect all day was a Sakura-Tribe Elder). Its also is good against Rats which I saw a fair amount of Friday and Saturday.

That brings the decklist to:

Gavin GreenMagic OnlineOCTGN2ApprenticeBuy These Cards
21 Forest
1 Swamp

4 Sakura-Tribe Elder
4 Birds of Paradise
3 Iwamori of the Open Fist
2 Viridian Zealot
3 Rushwood Dryad
4 Troll Ascetic

Other Spells:
4 Blanchwood Armor
3 Sword of Fire and Ice
4 Plow Under
3 Umezawa's Jitte
4 Beacon of Creation

I made sure to get a good sleep Friday, woke up Saturday, got cleaned up, ate a good breakfast, got seated, and turned in my decklist. It was announced that there were exactly 299 players. 5-4 was the bare minimum to make it to day two. Pairings were posted, here we go!

Round one: James Rocke

Due to his poor shuffling method, I noticed that he is playing Mono Green as well. We exchanged pleasantries, cut decks (After I called a judge for him using extremely reflective sleeves) and drew my opening hand. I was on the draw, so I kept a hand of something like Forest, Birds of Paradise, Umezawa's Jitte, Troll Ascetic, Iwamori of the Open Fist, Plow Under, and Sword of Fire and Ice. I usually keep that hand on the draw and am fine, but this time I got manascrewed, and while I managed to eventually mount some kind of offense after 3-4 turns of no lands, I ended up losing game one. I sideboarded in my Wear Aways, Naturalize, Rushwood Dryad, and Umezawa's Jitte and shuffled up for game two.

Game two I got a great draw and powered out a turn two Troll and gave it a Jitte on turn three. He tried to play Iwamori on turn 3, but I have an Iwamori of my own to counter it. Turn 4 I used the two Jitte counters I gained last turn to get rid of his Birds of Paradise and Wood Elves and then played and equipped a Sword to him. From that point I just went on to win the game as it's very hard to come back from that.

Game three we both led off with a Birds of Paradise but he played a Wood Elves while I played a Sword of Fire and Ice. He played another Wood Elves and blocked my bird with his. He played an Iwamori but once again I had my own to counter it and his hand turned out to contain another Wood Elves, a Sakura-Tribe Elder, and lands, so I won that one.

Record: 1-0

Round Two: Kyle Crosley
Staring down a kid from Brooklyn, this looked to be a fierce match. He won the die roll and we started. Game one I got one of my favorite starts with turn one Birds, turn two Sword of Fire and Ice. His play wasn't too shabby either though, with turn one Isamaru, turn two Raise the Alarm, and turn three Glorious Anthem. Luckily for me I had the Sword, so I equipped the Bird with it and attacked. I knocked off a Raise token, and the second time around I play and equip Jitte. Then he played a Leonin Skyhunter that I knock off using Jitte counters. Next turn I played a Troll Ascetic and he didn't have much more that game and I won. I brought in the Swords of Light and Shadow, the Jitte, two Wear Aways, and a Naturalize.

Game two I kept a risky hand of Forest, Birds of Paradise, Troll Ascetic, Beacon of Creation, Sword of Light and Shadow, Birds of Paradise, and Naturalize. He played a turn one Lantern Kami and I played my Birds. He swung for one while I luckily drew into a land and cast my Sword of Light and Shadow. He Raised at end of turn, dropped a Glorious Anthem, and swung at me for 6. I drew into another land and equipped Birds with the Sword, passing the turn to leave Naturalize mana open. He played a Damping Matrix and ended the turn, but I Naturalized it. I played Troll Ascetic and ended my turn. He passed his turn while I played my fourth concecutive land that I've drawn in a row, gave Troll the Sword, and swung. I played my second Birds and gave it the sword, then passed the turn. He played an Isamaru and ended his turn. I drew Blanchwood Armor and gave the Troll both the Armor and the Sword, and from there the game was pretty much over as my opponent failed to do much of anything. After the game, he showed me two Wrath of Gods and some threats in his hand that could have wrecked me had he drawn the fourth land that he needed.

Record: 2-0

Round three: Sean Pottinger
I could tell this kid knew what he was doing just by the feeling I got. We exchanged the normal pleasantries and started it up. I kept a great hand of Forest, Birds of Paradise, Troll Ascetic, Sword of Fire and Ice, Iwamori of the

While my opponent shuffles,
I plot a devious scheme.
Open Fist, Forest, and Sakura-Tribe Elder. I opened with Birds and he played an Island. To make matters worse for him, I played a Troll which was already bad enough. Of course, the fact that he never saw another land might have just made a small difference in the outcome of that game. I didn't know if he was playing Mono Blue or Blue Urzatron; the cards he discarded could have fit either deck. I put my money on Blue Urzatron. I brought in my Molds, Plow Under, and my Naturalize/Wear Aways.

He was on the play and so I kept a double Birds one land hand with Creeping Molds and Iwamori. He played an Island and said go. I played Birds. He played Jushi Apprentice. Oops, guessed the wrong deck for sideboarding. And then I never saw another land until it was too late in the game for it to be relevant, especially after he Echoing Truthed my double Birds a few times. I sideboarded out the stuff to beat Blue Urzatron and shuffle up for game 3.

Game three we both drew pretty decent hands. I played a quick Troll, but it got Disrupting Shoaled. He Mana Leaked my Sword of Fire and Ice and then played a Shackles. I played an Elder, which he attempted to steal on his turn. I suited the Birds up with an Armor and managed to resolve a Troll the next turn, but he stole the Birds as I missed a land drop. After that, he resolved a Meloku and I drew into lands, so he won.

Record: 2-1

Round four: Justy Northrop

He was wearing the same team shirt as Sean from the last around so I made the correct assumption that he was running Mono Blue as well. He won the roll, but he missed any non-land plays on the first two turns while I led off with a Birds and a resolved Troll that I was sure would get Mana Leaked. He played a Spire Golem while I Armored up my Troll and swung into it. He played two more Spire Golems and passed his turn. I gave my Troll a Jitte and swung into a Golem. He played a Meloku, but I gave my Birds a Sword of Fire and Ice and swung. He put the Golem on the Troll and I removed two counters, combining with the two Sword damage to knock off his Meloku. He played another Spire Golem and I swung in after giving the Birds some equipment and played a Rushwood Dryad. He played another Shackles and when I declared my attack step he thought about which creature to steal between Dryad and Birds. I mind tricked him into choosing Birds and tapped it for a mana in response, swinging in for the win.

Game two he Disrupting Shoaled my turn one Birds and my turn two Dryad got Mana Leaked. He started up again with the turn three Spire Golem and I matched it with a Troll. He attacked and played Shackles. I gave the Troll a Jitte and swung in. He played a Jushi Apprentice and attacked. I attacked and used my new two counters to knock off the Apprentice. I baited out a Mana Leak with a Viridian Zealot, then I Naturalized his Shackles. He played a Meloku, but I gave my Troll a Sword of Fire and Ice and then it was pretty much over because he apparently didn't have Hibernation.

Record: 3-1

Round 5: Robert Dudley

All of my notes and even my scorepad notes seem to be missing for this match, thus I have no idea what he played and can't write a review. However, according to my rating breakdown I did win.

Record: 4-1

Round 6: Anthony Izzo

Anthony is one of the highest ranked junior players in the world, so I knew I was in for some interesting Magic. Game one he led off with a turn one Slith Firewalker while I followed it up with a Birds. He played Magma Jet on my Birds and swung in. I laid an Elder to block. He played a Sword of Fire and Ice and passed the turn, and I powered out an Iwamori. He gave the Slith the Sword and I blocked with my 5/5 Legend. I played a Beacon of Creation and he animated Nexus, gave it the Sword, and swung. We had a brief life total dispute, then I attacked and laid a Zealot and a Birds. He played a Slith and equipped, but my Zealot two-for-oned his Slith and Sword. I attacked on my turn and played an Iwamori. He played a Vulshok Sorcerer. I gave my Iwamori a Sword and he blocked a token and shot me to bring me down to 10 with damage on the stack. I realized what was coming as he had two cards in his hand, and sure enough he had double Shrapnel Blast to end a game that I was hoping I had locked up.

Game Two I kept a great hand of turn one Birds, turn two Troll, turn three Iwamori, turn four Sword and Equip Iwamori while he had to mulligan to five and never put up much of a threat besides a Slith Firewalker. He did manage to Seething Song Arc-Slogger, but by that time Iwamori and his Sword finished him off.

Game three he started off with a turn one Slith while I played a Birds. He swung in and Pulsed me. I played a Troll but my plan of giving it a Jitte next turn is foiled by an untimely Magma Jet. I played a Birds which met another Magma Jet and on my next turn I tried to Jitte Troll but it mets its good friend Shatter. His Slith swung to get bigger and he played a Sorcerer. I gave Troll a Sword of Fire and Ice and held it back to block his Slith, giving him time to ping me. He played and equipped Jitte but passed the turn, but I had my own Jitte to knock off his. I swung and knocked off his Sorcerer; then I played Beacon. He played a Sword and got in for one in the air with Nexus. I had a Wear Away for his flying land and equipped next turn. I attacked and played a Birds. He didn't do anything as I attacked and brought his life dangerously low. He Magma Jetted me twice and put both on the bottom and then, with one turn left to live, luckily drew a Shrapnel Blast for the win.

Record: 4-2

Round 7: Alex Perry

After exchanging formalities we began, both of us knowing that the winner would make day two. I think I'm playing the mirror as he opens up with Forest/Birds, Forest/Troll to my Forest/Birds, Forest/Rushwood Dryad, but a City of Brass and a Magma Jet on my Dryad that I had attempted to play and equip Jitte to on turn three caused me to think otherwise. He gave his Troll a Sword and attacked into my Bird while I cast a Troll with no regeneration mana left. I took the damage with the plan of Blanchwood Armoring him next turn, but a Arc-Slogger from him sealed the deal.

I wasn't really expecting red green, but luckily Rushwood Dryad, artifact removal, and Jitte are still good splash damage. I shuffled up and got an explosive start with turn one Birds, turn two Elder/Birds, turn 3 attempt to give Elder Sword of Fire and Ice only to run into a Magma Jet. At least he didn't scry. He played a troll while I suited up a birds with an Armor and attacked. He missed his fourth land drop and a Jitte from me next turn won me the game.

Game three he started out with a Birds and an Elder and I started out with a Birds and a Dryad. He powered out Iwamori but I countered it with my own and gave Dryad a Jitte. He played a Dryad and a Troll, but I gave my Dryad a Blanchwood Armor and went to town. He had an Arc-Slogger, but at that point he can't do much and I won.

Record: 5-2

To play or not to play?
Round 8: James Kandebo

Urza land, Chrome Mox, and Serum Visions first turn made it pretty apparent what I was up against. That was bad for me because I kept one of my one Forest three Bird hands. I didn't hit another land and he not only Echoing Truth'd my Birds Back, but hit Tron turn three and it wasn't far from there that I was finished.

Game two I got turn one Birds turn two Troll and he Mana Leaked my turn 3 Jitte so with the mana I would have used to equip with I played a Sakura-Tribe Elder. He played his third land. On my turn, after I attack, he let a Sword resolve and Thirsted. He hit Tron and on my turn I made the risky play of Iwamori and see that yes, he did have Memnarch. To make matters worse, he also had a Hibernation and counters to foil my Wear Aways and that was game.

Record: 5-3

Round nine: Erik Robertson

Similar to round 5; all of my notes and such are missing from this round. However, according to my rating breakdown I won this match.

Record: 6-3

Day one is nine rounds and now over, and ending it on a 6-3 record is nice, although I would have loved it if I had one more win and one less loss. My friends and I did some calculations on the end of day standings and it seemed like you have to be 10-3 to top 8, with maybe a possibility of 9-3-1 making it. I relaxed for the rest of the night and woke up the next morning. After doing my usual routine, I went to the tournament site. Pairings were posted for round 10, a few announcements are made, and I was off!

Round 10: Thomas Emmons

He won the dice roll, played a Swamp, and said go. I led off with a Forest and no Birds. He played a turn two Hand of Cruelty. I played a turn two Sakura-Tribe Elder. He attacked and then cast a Takenuma Bleeder. I sacrificed Elder and played Beacon the next turn, while he gave his Bleeder an O-naginata and attacked. Three of the Beacon tokens took down his Bleeder and he passed his turn. I Plow him but he swung and laid a Jitte. I gave my token a Sword and passed the turn so I could block his Hand, but when I do he has Echoing Decay for my token, so not only does my token die, but his Bushido triggers and the Hand gets O-Naginata. I played a Iwamori but he played Yukora off of the CIP and had Rend Flesh for my Iwamori. That was game.

Game two I got turn one Birds and turn two Sword of Light and Shadow while he played Swamp, Swamp, Chrome Mox, Ebon Drake. I gave my Birds a Sword and swung, while he counterattacked on his turn by swinging and playing another Ebon Drake. I kept Birds back to block and played a Troll making him lose two life. He played an O-Naginata and gaves it to a Drake, but I blocked it and Naturalized the equipment. I gave Troll a Blanchwood Armor and the Sword and attacked. He attacked as well, but I had a Sword of Fire and Ice next turn to finish him off.

Game three he started up aggressively with a turn two Ebon Drake while I had a turn two Elder. He attacked me for 3 in the air and ended his turn while I got a land. I played a Rushwood Dryad and a Birds, while he attacked and played a second Drake. I cast a Sakura-Tribe Elder and ended my turn, while he played and equipped O-Naginata, which allowed him to swing across for 6 while Birds blocked the unequipped one. My only hope was riding on an Umezawa's Jitte. I played Jitte, attempted to equip it to Rushwood Dryad and said "You're going to Echoing Decay it in response, right?" I put all of my hope into a bluff or him not having a Decay. I held my breath and tried not to smile.... And he played Echoing Decay on the Dryad in response! I reequipped it to the Elder and swung. He attacked and I gained two life to put me at one. He ended his turn and I saw a Sword of Light and Shadow, probably the card I wanted to see the most right then. I handed it off to the Elder and swung, bring back the Birds and, more importantly, gaining three life. I played Birds with him teetering at a dangerously low life total due to all of the spells cast with two Ebon Drakes out. He drew dead and I managed to pull that one out on the back of a well timed bluff.

Record: 7-3

Round 11: Michael Hopkins

A Forest, Urza land, Vine Trellis opener from him pretty much showed what I was up against on turn two. I had a Rushwood Dryad turn 2 though, and a turn three Blanchwood Armor on it to swing in for 5. He played a turn three Reap and Sow to get his second Urza piece and then on turn 4 played his third Urza piece, a Sensei's Divining Top, and an Oblivion Stone with mana to activate it. He opted to take 5, however, and I played an Elder. He Topped at the end of my turn and gaves his Vine Trellis a fate counter. I got a land with Elder at the end of his turn. He drew a card off Top and sacrificed Oblivion Stone when I tried to attack. I had a Plow Under for his urza lands, but I couldn't draw any creatures. He played a Sundering Titan after he rebuilt his Urzatron. All that I could do was chump block for a few turns and that was game.

Game two I played a first turn Birds and a second turn Sword while he played a turn one Vine Trellis off a Mox, turn two Reap and Sow for his second Urza land. I didn't have the extra land for a Creeping Mold so I equipped, swung, and drew into the land I needed. He doesn't have the third Tron piece so he opted to play a Top instead and looked at the top 3 finding nothing. I drew a land so I attacked and Molded an Urzaland. He replaced the Urzaland I destroyed and ended his turn. At this point I was stuck in a dilemma. I managed to draw the Swamp so I could cast Cranial Extraction and attack. I was pretty sure that he had Tooth and Nail in his hand but I don't want to give him the shuffle effect because even if I rid him of his Tooth and Nails he could drop a Triskelion or a Sundering Titan on me if he found the Urzaland. I decided that in my current board position the risk of him finding one of 11 cards that leds to the last Urzatron piece was too high, and a Triskellion or a Sundering Titan wouldn't be as bad as a entwined Tooth and Nail. Looks like I made the right choice because not only did he have two Tooth and Nails in his hand, but Sylvan Scrying was his fourth card down! However, he still Topped into the Urza piece he needed and cast Sundering Titan, eliminating two of my lands. I Naturalized it at the end of turn and lost another land. I Creeping Molded his Urza piece but I had to tap Birds to do so. He didn't see anything with Top to turn it around and I pulled that one out in a few turns.

Game three he played turn one Forest, turn two Mox, Sylvan Scrying for an Urzaland and play it, Sensei's Divining Top while I started it up with a Birds, Sakura-Tribe Elder. He played his second Urzaland and Reap and Sowed for his third one. I sacrifice the Elder and Creeping Molded the one he just got and he Topped in response. He played a forest and ended his turn while I Plow Undered two of his Urza Lands. He Topped in response and afterward. He played his second Urzaland and ended his turn, then I cast Iwamori on mine. He played Reap and Sow for his third Urzaland and ended his turn. I attacked and played another Plow Under. He replayed an Urzaland while I played a Birds and attacked. He got his third land, but even though I was expecting the Tooth and Nail for game, he just looks with Top and thinks for a while. I swung to bring him down to five, cast Rushwood Dryad and he drew, Topped.... And extended his hand. I was amazed I pulled that one out; I was sure he would have something big to play between his hand and his top.

Record: 8-3

Round 12: Michael Carter

We sat down and began to shuffle when a judge came by and tapped on our table. He said rather quickly "Report to the feature match area."

Oh boy.

Now considering I'd never been in a feature match before, this was pretty cool, although I wish it would have been covered online. But a piece of advice for anyone who gets into a feature match: always try and get the seat where you're looking away from the wall. It's better for several reasons. First of all, people can't see what cards you have as easily, because they have to look through a blue wall that's only transparent in a few places. Second of all, I'd rather be looking into the crowd in case anyone makes gestures to cards and such so you can try and pick up what they have. And third of all, it lets your friends/parents take better pictures of you. How do I know all of this? Because I sat on the side where you're facing the wall.

Anyways, we headed over there, shuffled up, and, much to my dismay, found out that my playmat can't be used even though my match isn't being recorded.

Game one he started off with a Forest, Chrome Mox imprinting Mana Leak, Sakura-Tribe Elder. I played a Forest Birds, then he sacrificed Elder and got a Swamp. "Black/Green splashing blue?" I thought to myself. Then he cast

Game on!
Kodama's Reach searching for a Mountain and a Plains. I knew right then and there that this wasn't a normal match. He played the Plains and ended his turn, which let me play a Sword. I had figured I was playing against 5-color Gifts or Mike Long's Zu-zu Nation or something. Then something that I didn't see coming happened. He played an Island and tapped all five triumphantly to cast Bringer of the Black Dawn. Yes folks, that's right, turn three Bringer of the Black Dawn. That's feature match worthy, right? I muster up an Iwamori but at this point it didn't matter too much as his deck was built around Black Bringer abuse and got stuff to wreck me like Confiscate.

Game two I started off with a Birds and an Elder and he started out with a Mirrodin's Core, a Forest, and an Elder. I got a land with Elder at end of turn and then cast Iwamori on my turn. He sacrificed Elder and cast Kodama's Reach for a Swamp and an Island. I attacked with Iwamori for 5 and then played a Sakura-Tribe Elder. He dropped Bringer on his turn. I gave Iwamori a Sword of Fire and Ice and attacked for 9 to bring him down to 6. He tutored for a card and played Confiscate targeting Iwamori - then I pointed out to him that it had Protection from Blue. He stole the Sword instead and ended his turn, but I had another Sword for game.

Game three he started off with two Mirrodin's Cores while I led off with a Rushwood Dryad. He played an Island and removed a counter from the Core to cast Kodama's Reach for a Forest and a Plains. I Armored up Dryad and attacked. On his turn he looked at an extra card and got a warning for it, then he cast Sakura-Tribe Elder. I attacked and played Iwamori. He sacrificed Elder for a Plains and cast Wrath of God. I played a Sword of Fire and Ice and ended the turn and then on his turn he played Enduring Ideal. He got Zur's Weirding and asked me if I know what it does, and I tell him I'm pretty sure I know but I'll take a look at it anyways just in case. Now, at this point I've lost the game right? He Enduring Idealed for Weirding and I just had a lands in my hand. Since he had Ideal he has Honden to go with it right? I was pretty sure I had lost, and thus lost my top 8 contention, when something happened on a absolute fluke. My opponent asked the judge "How many warnings does it take to get a game loss for something, because I looked at the top card of my library on accident earlier in the tournament." The judge says "I need to go check with the head judge", presumably to find what the warning was for. I just was sitting there incredulous. Amazingly enough, about 15 minutes later the judge came back and gave my opponent a game loss. I couldn't believe it. I felt really sorry for my opponent because he got cheated out of a match he had won when everything went against him at exactly the same time.

Record: 9-3

Round 13: Keith Yackley

It all came down to this round. I had done calculations the last round and it seemed like if I won this match I would probably made top 8. This guy is a member of RIW Hobbies, a team from Michigan that's very strong. A friend of mine who lives around there had already told me that they were incredible players. We shuffled up and started, both of us knowing that at the very least winning this round would secure a high money position, and likely a shot at the top 8.

Game one I started off with a Birds and a Rushwood Dryad to match his Forest and Urza land for Vine Trellis. I swung for two and played Iwamori while he Reap and Sowed up his second Urzaland. On my turn I attacked and cast Plow Under which he Sylvan Scried out of. I had another Plow Under though and that pretty much locked up the victory for me.

Game two I was very happy with my hand. He played Urzaland turn one, Mox, Sylvan Scrying, Urzaland turn two. I started off with another Birds and Rushwood Dryad. He played a Forest and ended his turn while on mine I Creeping Molded his Urzaland and attacked. I Plow Undered him next turn, then I gave my Dryad Armor and a Sword of Fire and Ice with another Creeping Mold for backup. I told you it was a pretty good hand.

Record: 10-3

The top 8 were called off and I hoped that I would be named. Apparently, due to some weird pairings and the fact that not all of the high tables drew, I got 10th. Someone else with my points made it in, but my tiebreakers were off by a lot. Still, I had a great time. I got to see friends I only get to see once or twice a year, I made 2,350 dollars for 10th and it boosted my rating all the way up to 1925.

I hope you enjoyed this article and you learned from it, even though Eighth Edition has rotated out and Ravnica is around the corner. If you have any questions feel free to PM me or Instant Message me on AOL Instant Messenger.

Thanks for reading,

-Gavin Verhey

Writer: Lesurgo
Images: Lesurgo, Butteblues18, and my Mother
Editor: Goblinboy
Miscellanous: My friends for being there and supporting me, my parents for helping me get to Baltimore, my brother for playtesting with me (Who else can start off 4-0 at JSS Championships with Intruder Alarm combo?), all of my opponents for being sportsmen, even if I did get lucky or mind tricked them, to all of the judging staff for doing such a great job, and Sameer Merchant for helping me out with those last minute metagame changes.


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