MTGS Mini #1: The Mustard Boy

MTGS Mini is the format we'll be relying on for the next two weeks. People don't like to write much during the holidays, and as a result sites like and... well... ours end up with less material for the front page. However, instead of giving you two weeks of MTGS Classics, you'll see two weeks of MTGS Mini, a far more easygoing format. So sit back and relax while we relax... our standards. If this isn't your thing, take a break and we'll see you in January! Smile

I began playing Magic in 1994 when I was in second grade, right after Fallen Empires came out. All of my friends were playing and I wanted in on the fun. I was lent decks to play with and had a good time, but didn't have any cards of my own for a month or two.

And then someone gave me their Power Sink.

For those of you not familiar with the just-a-little-too-subpar-for-competitive-play mainstay for Blue control, here's a nice picture:

Obviously I was ecstatic. I had a card of my own! I would go on to buy far too many starter decks of 4th Edition and then many cards of other sets, but my connection to Power Sink never really went away.

Little did I know that this would be to my greatest detriment.

You see, the reason that someone had been so kind to give me their Revised copy of Power Sink was the picture.

"The guy's fingers are covered in mustard!"

None of my companions could comprehend the use of any card featuring a mighty wizard looking concerned in the direction of a popular hamburger condiment. Honestly, now that I look back on the picture it is pretty silly. The guy looks scared to death of that magical aura dancing around his fingertips... I mean that mustard.

But back then I had no such intelligence. I could crush with Mesa Pegasus (see author bio -->) but kept on bringing out my Blue control deck as a backup. Every time I would cast Power Sink I got laughed at and called "Mustard Boy." Oh yes, seven-year-olds have the most inventive nicknames, I tell you.

Anyway, one day out by the stone tables where we played cards (and incurred detriment to the condition of said cards... stone tables seriously) I was playing Blue control and, of course, being called "Mustard Boy" when someone got a brilliant idea for a prank to pull on ol' Mustard Boy.

The stone tables were situated in a circle around a huge tree which was just large enough to hide a seven-year-old boy holding a suspicious squeeze bottle of French's mustard. I was tapping down to stop a vicious Craw Wurm when little Jonothan Hyland jumped out from behind the tree yelling "Mustard Boy!! Mustard Boy!" and squeezing the bottle in my direction. Mustard spewed in all directions with vicious force. Surprised and unsure of what to do, I held my about-to-be-cast Power Sink in front of my face. Jon didn't appear to be a very good shot because only one of his many mustard bullets got anywhere near me.

That specific spray of mustard was about to hit me in the face, where it was intercepted by my Power Sink.

Everyone got a little quiet for a second while I looked at the card which had saved me, looked at Jon, and looked at the card again.

I told Jon to tap all his lands.

Nobody got the joke.


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