MTGCast: Re-Recorded Again

As usual something goes wrong with MTGCast, this time we did the whole show with Gary from and it turns out we didnt record it! So rather than not put out a show, Tom and I stayed up another couple of hours and here's what we came up with.

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This Week in Magic
Grand Prix: Phoenix (Gavin’s there!!!)
  • Pro-tour qualifier for PT Kobe
  • Being held at Mesa Convention Center in Mesa, Arizona
  • 1st day = Ravnica block sealed deck
  • 2nd day = Coldsnap booster draft
  • 1st day results:
    • Day 1 blog:
    • 3 players are 8-0 after day 1: Gadiel Szleifer, Carlos Romao, Sean Inoue
    • 5 of the Top 10 players are currently non-U.S. players!
  • 2nd day results:
  • Basic info about Grand Prix Phoenix:
  • Coverage and decklists

Time Spiral info a-go-go
Official previews start on Monday, September 4th

Mini-site is up and live
  • Number of links under the “Return to Dominaria” panel on the left side
    • Dominaria in Ruins
      • Features a brief back story for the TS set and has, what I can only assume, is some card art from the set!
      • Art for Knights of the Holy Nimbus?
      • Art that looks JUST LIKE the old "Wheel of Fortune" card? (perhaps the “Wheel of Fate” mentioned in MaRo’s article last week)
    • Puzzle (whoop-de-doo) = lets you download the wallpaper
    • The Antiquities War
      • You can download scans of the original comics! Pretty cool.
      • Part 1 and
      • Part 2

Some more Time Spiral cards!!!

MTGVault News
Gary will be adding some new features: decks will be searchable, adding in old cards +/- thumbnails!

MTGCast News
MTGCast competition!
  • Prize = $10 in store credit at
  • Couple of ideas:
  • User-created shows
  • (Tom’s idea) Most creative use / destruction of an Olivier Ruel PT player card

Ah-Hoy! (Tom’s “Create-a-Card” – Pirates)

Guild with the Guys is finally up!
Fantastic show. Reviews the different guilds of Ravnica. First episode does a quick review of all 10 guilds and future shows will spot light each guild. Very well done.

Tom’s next Tribal deck – Oozes! (credit to dataspot for idea)
  • Deck Thread
  • Tourney is on Sept 12th
  • I am SO pumped for this deck. It will be a blast to play!

TRB has compiled a list of EVERY tribe that has at least 5 unique creatures
  • Forum Thread
  • Amazingly cool and will save me a bunch of time when looking up tribes for upcoming tournies

The forums are so HOT!
  • We had our 1000th post – by TRB
  • We had our 50th forum member join - josephwalter

Combo of the Week

Pro Tour Top Trumps
Tom vs Gary vs Dom, who will win? (Tom would not be a good bet historically.)

Dom & Tom - Your Unofficial Magic The Gathering Podcast News Team

(As a bottom note, in the first draft of this podcast I explained how this show was to be dedicated to The Croc Hunter himself and gave a URL on how you can donate to his foundation, due to the traffic the website has recieved the website is not available at the moment, next week I will give out the ULR however)


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