MTGCast #24: Dom's Been a Busy Beaver

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MTGCast 24 – Monday Night Magic - “Dom's been a busy beaver”
"You've read it somewhere else, but heard it here first!"

This week in Magic
Hall of Fame - Class of 2006 inductees announced!

Randy Buehler interview
Randy Buehler was interviewed, and Justin Ziran talked about MTGO v3.0 at the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX 2006), in a video game podcast, "The Game Addict Hotline." It was interesting, since the interviewer didn't know much about Magic, but there's some cool info in there! It's in Episode 1 of the "Daily Game Addiction: PAX 2006" about 1/3 of the way down the page.

Grand Prix Sydney coming up Oct 7-8!
I used to live in Melbourne for a while, so I thought this was interesting. It's also cool because it will feature Time Spiral. The first day is Time Spiral Limited, and those who make the second day get to do Time Spiral draft. This is a qualifier for Pro tour Geneva.

Magic Jargon
The official site put up a cool overview of the Magic jargon and slang that we all know and use. It's nice to see the written definitions and some look into the origin of the words and how to use them properly in a sentence (and a way for me to sneak in a mention of "Magic Academy").

Time Spiral
Card Puzzle in Magic: the Puzzling - A Time Spiral Sneaky Preview
The people at MTGSalvation have luckily solved
it for us

Official Card Previews:
Jaya Ballard
Serra Avenger
Stronghold Overseer

New section on
Time Spiral mini-site = "Time in Ruins"!
The first link is called "Time of Ruins," and features some more background info and some very cool art!
The second link is another lame puzzle -- get that desktop background, and yes, it still has a "solve" button.
The third link is links to the scans of part 3 and 4 of the four-part comic series "Antiquities War".

Mark Rosewater brings us the next card preview in his article "Needing a Little Time." MaRo's favorite SF genre? Time travel. Good article, even though I almost had a massive heart attack after seeing Jean Claude Van Damme's ugly mug on the front of the even uglier movie, TimeCop.
Ith, High Arcanist

Whole bunch of cards on MTGSalvation courtesy of our own Lesurgo:

MTGCast News
Gavin gives us the 4-1-1 on Grand Prix Phoenix, and got his set of Exalted Angels and Sensei's Divining Tops signed.

“Ah Hoy!” Card Preview
Tzidar Mourner

Whole bunch of ideas on the “Ah Hoy!”

We will leave this up to Dom! He talks about the redesign of the site, and each show getting its own feed. We have host blogs and planning for a nice schedule of all things to come!

Combo of the Week
Tom: Evil Eye of Orms-by-Gore +
Evil Eye of Urborg
Dream Stalker + Coldstone Curio or Storm cards

Pro Tour Top Trumps
Yep, Tom tries it again. Will Tom perhaps win? Or does he have about the same chance as Jessica Simpson winning an Oscar?

Dom & Tom & Gavin - Your Unofficial Magic The Gathering Podcast News Team


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