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To cope with the delay of MNM This week, I have decided to release this interview a day earlier. [Your normal Monday Night Magic MTGCast may not appear linked on this site, but we encourage you to drop by to check it out on Thursday. -Editors]

Well it seems the Time Spiral prerelease is upon us, but whilst everyone is thinking of the new set, MTGCast takes a look back at Ravnica with a fully featured interview with Mr Cory Herndon, writer of the Ravnica books and Daddy of Agus Smile It took about 3 months to get us both online at the same time and whilst I was expecting the interview to last less than half an hour, true to form, nothing ever goes to plan with MTGCast and an hour and a half later we were saying goodbyes. This interview not only tackles development on the Ravnica books but his previous (and future Smile ) work within wizards, and we also talk about development work out of Magic with a few suprises in store. The sound quality isn't as good as I would have liked it to have been, however rerecording it would have lost the magic of the show.

Thanks for reading and please comment on this interview. I'm sure Cory will post his responses on both the MTGCast Boards and the MTGSalvation board if you have any follow-up questions.


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