MTGCast #25: Pre-prints!

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Monday Night Magic - Episode 25 - "Pre-prints?"

You read it somewhere else, but heard it here first!

Dom and Tom are on tonight, while Gavin is busy drafting and doing all things Time Spiral. And we are back to Gizmo!

MTG News
Tom's favorite series of articles, Magic Academy, is coming to an end. Dom talks about the oddity of the nine 9th edition cards that appear only in the starter set, how they are numbered out of 10 (no 6/10 card), and that they will never, ever be shiny. But, he was incorrect about the shiny Serra Angels. No man can be right 100% of the time (except for Gavin, perhaps).

Some info about split second, and how this works and affects how we react to spells and abilities. I chatted with Gavin and here is a nice one paragraph summary:

"Basically, when you play the spell, players can't do anything except play mana abilities, and use any abilities that trigger (Like say Counterbalance for example, but not like a Gutless Ghoul) until the spell resolves."

It's official! Foils will now replace commons in packs, instead of the rarity printed on the foil itself. You can now get a rare, a shiny rare AND a bonus card in the same pack!

Oh, that Time Spiral site is still around and still has the "awesome" puzzle that congratulates you for clicking the solve button. We discuss some of the first thoughts of TS from Dom's Prerelease and will have much more when Gavin joins for next week's episode.

MTGCast News
Dom shares his disappointment over not being able to attend Worlds. Dom talks about his successes at his TS Prerelease, some of the key cards of the day, and just how cool the "Timeshifted" cards really are in foil greatness.

We have to talk about our pirate-themed listener-created set, "Ah Hoy!" We have two previews cards this week, a quick discussion of the different "guilds" in the set, and news that next week's card will reveal the new keyword for the Grand Empire, "Mandate."
Utopia Tortoise

Come post your own ideas for the set on the forums!

We also discuss the ideas of reprints in the next two sets of the Time Spiral Block. Time Spiral was the "past" set and featured reprints from before Mirrodin. Planar Chaos is the "current" set and will likely include reprints from Mirrodin up until current sets. But what will "Future Sight" feature as the "future" set? Dom has the awesome idea of "pre-prints!" :^)

Combos of the week
Dom: Akroma + Concerted Effort
Gavin: Firemane Kavu + Momentary Blink
Tom / DC: Simic Guildmage + Cowardice

Pro Tour Top Trumps
Dom vs Tom. Again. And Tom will more than likely lose. But changes are in the forecast with the addition of Hall of Fame cards and some new PT cards!

Dom & Tom & Gavin - Your Unofficial Magic The Gathering Podcast News Team


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