MTGCast 26: Shiny Cards and Promos!

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MTGCast 26 - "It's a infinite loop!"

This Week In Magic
Full Promos For Champs Found -- Urza's Factory and Serra Avenger.

Urza's Factory is just for attending and Serra Avenger is for the top 8!

Gold Tier Tournament - Powder Keg

If a store buys a ton of Magic, then it can get these!

Magic Corp. bites the dust

They've had to take down all kind of things, and over 30 tournaments have been canceled! Has Wizards gone too far?

MTGCast News
Last Week's Corrections: Morph can be done with Split Second on the stack, and Magic Academy MIGHT not be ending.

What was Gavin doing last week? Playing in the Prerelease, of course!

Mechanix news: Mechanix is going to be hosted on Magicdeckvortex!

Dom's interviewing another author! This time, it's Scott McGough, writer of the Time Spiral novels. Mr. McGough is going to be interviewed! Send in your questions! is moving back to full power!

A logo is finally coming soon, and there will be the October photoshop contest on E-mails are working again. Blogs are finally working.

Foreign language Packs

Dom gets a mystery package from Wizards. Is it a cease and desist letter?
No, its some booster packs!

Tom's not here this week, but left his card for us!

Stump The Chump
What's the Ixidron??

Combo Of The Week

Dom- Ophidian Eye + Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind
Gavin- Facless Devourer + Facless Devourer + Facless Devourer

Pro Player Top Trumps

Brand new player cards!


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