MTGCast #27: A Girl on the Show!

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Monday Night Magic - Episode 27 - "The one with the girl"
You read it somewhere else, but heard it here first!

We are joined this week by Dave (Xander on the forums) and his girlfriend Jill.

This Week in Magic
Mark Rosewater likes spoiler sites!

Magic Insider?

The latest Player Rewards promo is a nice textless Mortify!

The FNM prize card for November is a split card, Life // Death.

Here's a nice article on the cards that almost made the Timeshifted set, "Not Their Time."

Mark Rosewater's article will be about. . . .
Tom - Thallids!
Dom - Attendance at prerelease events, better/worse than Coldsnap
Dave - Why the Timeshifted cards in the next two sets will be included in the main sets and how they won't be "bonus" cards

(Post-Monday Edit: we were all wrong :()

MTGCast News
OMG, Dom is going to Worlds after all! Find out the mystery sponsor. The MTGCast logo competition continues over at MTGSalvation.

MTGCast has gone pink in support of Breast Cancer awareness month.

Dom will be interviewing Scott McGough, the author of the first Time Spiral novel in a few months. So post some questions!

Preview Card: Ddrg'zx, The Submerged

Ah-Hoy! has it's own website and card listing/sorting engine!

Listen next week for the artifact sub-type "Ship," and hopefully start on some WWU for Ah-Hoy! with co-hosts from the forums.

Combo of the Week!
Dom: Icatian Javelineers + Clockspinning
Tom: Akroma + Resurrection
Dave: Verdant Embrace + Deathspore Thallid

Pro Player Top Trumps
It's a four-way free for all! Tom vs Dom vs Dave vs Jill.

Live Pack Opening
We bust a few packs on the air to see what everyone gets in their Timeshifted goodie slot.

Dave and Jill talk about their adventure in running their own draft tourney.

Dom & Tom & Dave & Jill - Your Unofficial Magic: the Gathering Podcast News Team


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