MTGCast #28: Who Isn't Dom Interviewing?

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Monday Night Magic News - Episode 28
You've read it somewhere else, but you heard it here first!

Gavin is gone again this week, so it is just Dom and Tom.

Magic News
Magic Academy is searching for a writer to keep the article going on WoTC is also planning a large cleanup of creature types that will take place over the next year. Wizards is also starting a new series of tournaments called "City Championships" in the United States, but these are old hat to players in Italy. Did Gavin make up a Time Spiral card?

MTGCast News
Dom is interviewing basically everyone who works at WoTC at the upcoming Worlds in Paris. Scheduled and confirmed interviews are: Brian David-Marshall, Mark Rosewater, Randy Buehler, John Avon, and Rob Alexander. Dom will also be interviewing Scott McGough, author of the latest Time Spiral novel, and would love for listeners to submit some questions!

Dom is also being interviewed on an upcoming episode of a fellow MTG podcast, The Magic Sock!

WWRW? (What Will Rosewater Write?)
Tom thinks Maro will write more about the upcoming City Champhionships and the response those tournies have had in Italy where they have been running since 1999. Dom plays the safe bet and thinks he will talk more about the Great Designer Search. Gavin is not here to defend himself, so his guess is that Maro will talk about cute, furry kittens.

Preview Card of the week is Forbidden Tiki, and we also discuss a new artifact creature type, "Ship", and its keyword ability "Structure." Gavin also submits a "preview" card of his own design.

Combo of the Week
Gavin: Conspiracy + Scion of the Ur Dragon
Tom: Conspiracy + Endrek Sahr, Master Breeder

Dom vs Tom, using some of the NEW Pro Tour cards? The odds are greatly against Tom, but who knows?

Dom & Tom & Gavin (from beyond the grave) - Your Unofficial Magic The Gathering Podcast News Team


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