MTGCast #29: A Pirate's Life for Me!

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MTGCast Ep 29 - "A Pirate's Life for Me!"
"You've read it somewhere else, but you heard it here first!"

Magic News
PT Kobe has a winner, Jan-Moritz Merkel from Hamburg, Germany. Some info about Planar Chaos is up on the MTGSalvation forum regarding how "Timeshifted" cards will be represented in that set. The entire crew is salivating over the latest textless foil "Wrath of God." Magic Academy is back, in a way, with WoTC reposting one of the first articles from the series. Matt Cavotta has a great article about the development on the Suspend mechanic on

Tom - All about the Pro Tour!
Dom - The Great Designer Search ... again
Gavin - The stretching of the color pie in the TS trilogy

MTGCast News
Dom finishes the Time Spiral novel in preparation for his interview with Scott McGough, and has a call out for some more questions. The Magic Sock mentions the upcoming interview of the Dominator. The MTGCast logo competition at MTGSalvation is nearing an end, and Dom gets official permission from WoTC to use the official card back and mana symbols! Nice!

The preview card of the week is "Pillaging Pirate" by Gavin. There's also a quick discussion on some changes to the background story and color pie of the factions in Ah-Hoy! (AH). And a sneak peek of next week when we start talking about Treasure!

Stump the Chump
Tom tries to stump Gavin for revenge over the first Gavin "Ah-Hoy!" card . . . will he have any luck?

Combo of the Week
Tom - Fathom Seer + [CARD]Vesuvan Shapeshifter
[/CARD]Dom - Plains + Eager Cadet
Gavin - Merfolk Assassin + War Barge

Pro Player Top Trumps
Tom vs Gavin vs Dom with the new 2006 PT player cards. Will Gavin win like usual, again?

Dom & Tom & Gavin - Your Unofficial Magic: the Gathering Podcast News Team


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