MTGCast #30: Planar Chaos: Book, Logo, and Rumors

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MTGCast Episode 30 - "Planar Chaos A-go-go"
"You read it somewhere else, but you heard it first!"

Magic News
The official logo and expansion symbol for Planar Chaos have been announced, and the names of the preconstructed decks have been leaked. A blurb on the upcoming PC book has also been released to whet your appetite. Aaron Forsythe has some comments on development of PC and its relationship with Morph. Time Spiral is coming to MTGO, and we discuss what exactly the "Uncon" is and what we all missed. The MTGO World Championship qualifier winner's account was hacked, and a PR deluge has followed. Gavin talks about his successful MTGSalvation standard tournament that just finished. Fancy foil Wood Elves are being bandied about as the "to get" promo from the new Gateway tournaments in Europe.

MTGCast News
Mechanix has been getting good reviews from its premier on Magic Deck Vortex. It is the last day of the MTGCast logo competition on MTGSalvation and we can't wait to announce the winner. We all beg for some emails and welcome Bukolisk from Denmark to the forums. Tom has been post A LOT on the Ah-Hoy! forums and is quickly approaching 900 posts.

Preview card of the week is "Suffocating Growth" and some brief talk on the upcoming Wednesday Writeups based on Ah-Hoy! Playtesting files are now available for MWS and Apprentice. Tom also tips his hat to Aidan for the new mini-cycle of ninjas for the Ah-Hoy set. Also, we discuss the need for a more exciting mechanic for the Grand Empire.
Suffocating Growth

Stump the Chump
Xander sends in a great question in the nick of time to challenge Gavin.

Board Thread of the Week
Dom would like you check out his upcoming interview thread:

Combo of the Week
Tom - Basal Sliver + Gemhide Sliver + Consume Spirit
Dom - Enduring Renewal + Basal Sliver + Mindlash Sliver
Gavin - Coal Stoker + Coal Stoker + Locket of Yesterdays + Cloudstone Curio + 2x Coal Stoker in the graveyard + Disintegrate

Pro Player Top Trumps
It is a grudge match - Tom vs Gavin! Does Tom stand a chance?


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