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"You read it somewhere else, but you heard it here first!"

This Week in Magic
Gleemax is the talk of the week after a strange marketing campaign by WoTC sending out foam brains that say "MOCTODSDRAZIWTAXAMEELG". Rumors abound involving Gleemox on MTGO, you can email Gleemax at [EMAIL="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL], see the Gleemax wikipedia page and read more at the mtgsalvation thread! Future Sight comes out on MTGO on Tuesday. launches from as a new home for the OCTGN card playing program. It is "Sneak Peak Week" on and they hint at the possibility of a new (sub-standard) web comic. A great Magic Academy article of booster drafting is up for you to peruse. Regionals are this weekend and Gavin plans to attend this constructed tourney. Hulk-Flash combo dominates GP Columbus.

MTGCast News
A whole bunch of new episodes up on the MTGCast network and includes a fourth episode of "More with Magic", yes!!!

Ah-Hoy! News
Darksys92 has been busy with an updated Ah-Hoy! set download for use with latest Magic Set Editor and instructions on how to use Ah-Hoy! with full card images in OCTGN! Darksys92 also started a forum thread for creating Ah-Hoy! decks and combos.
Preview card of the week: Dustafar (not so popular apparently)

Emails and Comments
Sinborn is awesome for thinking Tribal is awesome!

Tribal Time with Tom
Talk about "Tribal Wars" for MTGO (standard rules, other rules). Tribe of the week is Nomads and check out my decklist! I also want more tribe ideas from the listeners and plan to talk about the "Construct" tribe deck by Sinborn in a future episode! And kudos to everyone for the positive feedback on this segment.

Stump the Chump
Mutantman sends in a combo with Leashling, Ghost Town and Yet Another Aether Vortex. Does it work?

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