MTGCast #57: 10th Edition will rock your July 14th!

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MTGCast Episode 57 - 10th Edition will rock your July 14th!
"You read it somewhere else, but you heard it here first!"

This Week in Magic
10th Edition, Lorwyn and crazy bannings/unbannings! 10th Edition is coming at your face worldwide on July 14th and will offer cool promos (Can you say Raya?), scavenger hunt and some other goodies. You can also check out some scans of the AWESOME looking boosters and theme decks from 10th Edition and salivate other the thoughts of multiple Legends in 10th. The Gleemax weirdness continues at WoTC and check out Gleemax's own website! The Lorwyn logo and expansion symbol have been scanned, check them out here. June 1st brought us the latest update to the DCI banned and restricted list, Flash is gone from Legacy, but there are some suprising unbannings to check out. Whatever happened to Antoine Ruel's invitational card Bibi//Sleur? Regionals are this weekend and you can check out some of the winning decks from worldwide tournies, such as these from Germany.

MTGCast News
Some very cool posters on the MTGCast forums have created some MTGCast-host themed cards that you should definitely check out.

Ah-Hoy! News
Preview card of the week: Thoughteater (Even Gavin liked it!)

Emails and Comments
Bandito from the MTGSalvation forums says "Hey, I like the new Tribal segments!"

Tribal Time with Tom
Tribe of the week is Constructs (nod to Sinborn for the idea)! Some of the key creatures are Stuffy Doll, Epochrasite, Mindless Automaton and Phyrexian Walker. A number of viable strategies exist, Tom and Gavin discuss the more control-orientated U/W builds that can take advantage of Enlightened Tutor to search out most cards in the deck and the Guilty Conscience + Stuffy Doll combo. We also look at the interaction of the "Eight Post" land base (Vesuva + Cloudpost) with Tolaria West searching out key lands. Lots of fun and you can look at some sample decklists and post your own decklists! Next week is Golems!

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