MTGCast #59: 16 cards in 10th Edition Packs?

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MTGCast Episode 59 - 16 cards in 10th Edition packs?
"You read it somewhere else, but you heard it here first!"

Special guest, Dan from Cedar Rapids Iowa and head of the Central Corridor Gamers joins us for this podcast!

This Week in Magic
The 10th Edition preview continues and the card of the day is Steel Golem originally from Weatherlight! This was a fan favorite of the old black Pox decks, will we see something like that again? Countdown to 10th Edition 2 has been posted and features another 20 shots of some sexy card art to start guessing / drooling over. We can't leave out the "Official 10th Edition Spoiler". We also discuss how the new WoTC community gaming site,, seems to be shaping up given the discussion in Randy Beuhler's blog post and what we would like to see in it to help it succeed and not degenerate into digitized mud-slinging. A bit of magic trivia with a link to a Magic Arcana post about how skeletons can't be depicted on magic card art in China. Also, today's Magic Arcana spills the beans on how there will be 16 cards in each 10th edition pack with that extra card being either a cool token or junky rules card ala Legends. We also spend some time talking about the state of the magic community in our areas after the interesting discussion on episode #3 of Djinn's Playground.

Ah-Hoy! News
Preview card of the week: Magnificence of the Empire

Emails and Comments
Tom reads two emails this week. The first is from Mr Wolf and tells some stories from another old-school magic player from the Beta age. Xenophanes writes in again to say "YES!" for Thallids as an upcoming tribe for Tribal Time with Tom. Dom and Dan also tell how they got started with Magic after Xero's email last week.

Tribal Time with Tom
This week is Assassins! Overall, I didn't find this tribe to be incredibly exciting, but we will let those sneaky devils try to prove themselves. They tend to be small 1/1's, but with cool abilities revolving around CiP effects and manipulating tapped creatures. Some key assassins are: Royal Assassin, Orzhov Euthanist, Nekrataal, Nightshade Assassin, Abyssal Hunter and Garza's Assassin. Some cards to consider in support are cards that return creatures to your hand (e.g. Dragon Mask) or cards that keep your opponents creatures tapped (e.g. Static Orb). Check out a sample decklist for the Assassin tribe!

Vote for next episodes tribe of Thallids vs Snakes!

10th Edition Combo of the Week
Dom : Sylvan Basilisk + Lure
Tom : Joiner Adept + Legacy Weapon
Dan : Yavimaya Dryad + Stampeding Wildebeests

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Dom & Tom & Gavin - Your Monday Night Magic news team!


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