MTGCast #65: Juzam Djinn, Force of Will and more in Master's Edition!

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MTGCast Episode 65 - Juzam Djinn, Force of Will and more in Master's Edition!
"You read it somewhere else, but you heard it here first!"

Dom and Gavin have left Tom to his own devices, but luckily Kyle (host of "This Game is So Hard") is on hand to help keep Tom on task.

This Week in Magic
Big news of the week is the daily preview of cards from the upcoming "Master's Edition" MTGO-only set on the Wizards site. Some of the bombastic cards shown so far are Force of Will, Juzam Djinn, Armadeggon, Lightning Bolt, Berserk, Mirror Universe, Thawing Glaciers. The cards will be legal in Classic play online, come in 15 card boosters, 195 cards in the set, $3.99 per pack and will be available for a limited time only. Some big-big magic tournaments this weekend with the U.S. Nationals at the Magic Weekend in Baltimore and the British Nationals at M-Fest in Birmingham. Luis Scott-Vargas is crowned the U.S. National champion playing a U/G/w deck (see Top 8 decklists). Craig Jones is crowned champ at the British Nationals playing a R/G aggro deck (perhaps it was called "Crispy Pickles"?) (see Top 8 deck lists). BDM talks about the decision to add Legacy to the Worlds 2007 mix. On a sad note, well-known magic artist, Glen Angus, passed away. Matt Cavota writes a great article looking at Glen's life and work. If any cares, the Ultimate Gamer Contest is nearing completion on, check out the latest task of writing a 1,000 work essay.

Magic Internet History
Courtesy of the Wayback Machine, check out circa Dec 2nd of 2002 with the first announcement of MTGO!

MTGCast News
Tyler, host of "More with Magic", is looking for episode ideas from you. Post your ideas on this MTGCast thread and check out some photos of Tyler's creations.

Ah-Hoy! News
Preview card of the week: Brushland Stalker

Emails and Comments
Darksys92 and TRB have a great discussion on the impact of "Master's Edition" on the casual play environment for MTGO. Arguas2617 has some good suggestions on the MTGSalvation forums regarding the Ah-Hoy! We also read a very informative email from Chris Otwell regarding the history of the Magic Dojo and the birth of spoilers!

Tribal Time with Tom
Quick one this week, Tom goes over his Bird deck. Some key cards discussed are Aven Mindcensor, Grafted Wargear, Prismatic Strands, Battle Screech, and Quiet Speculation!

Tribe for next week: Illusions
Tribe for next next week: Shamans

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