MTGCast #67: Lorwyn, Gen Con 2007 and an Oversized Mox Jet!

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MTGCast Episode 67 - Lorwyn, Gen Con 2007 and an Oversized Mox Jet!
"You read it somewhere else, but you heard it here first!"

This Week in Magic
A boatload of info and pics on Lorwyn! A magazine ad confirms that Planeswalker will be the new card type and a slew of creatures types to be featured in Lorwyn. Scans of the latest Player Rewards Recollect and Cruel Edict along with the Judge promo Vindicate. A 16-page sample chapter is now availabe from the Lorwyn Book 1 by Cory Herndon and Scott McGough. "Jelly" will release on May 2nd, 2008. Bunch of magic events with COOL prizes at Gen Con 2007 featuring the Legacy and Vintage Championships - top prize is an oversized Mox Jet with new art! The Master's Edition previews continue with the full spoiler to come in roughly a week with the official beta and the "Storyteller Invitation" vote is up to get some interesting players into the Invitational.

Fact or Fiction
Will the name of the third Lorwyn set, "Jelly", be named Shadofall like the third novel or not? Will Masters Edition be draftable or more crap-tastic than Coldsnap for limited play?

Ah-Hoy! News
Preview card of the week: Ancient Heritage
And Ah-Hoy! is setting sail towards a finalized set, thanks to Darksys92! Read more about it here.

Emails and Comments
We discuss the comments on the improved audio quality of last week's show and the difficulty of having hosts on different continents.

Gaming Galore with Gavin
Gavin discusses the standard deck "Project-X"! Tribal Time with Tom will be back next week with Shamans!

Stump the Chump
Question from Raven Lonewolf: Do Wee Dragonauts trigger on copies (replicated or otherwise) of instants and sorceries or do they only trigger off of the original spell cast?

Combo of the Week
Dom : Laptop + Microphone
Tom : Drifter il-Dal + Unstable Mutation
Gavin : Magus of the Coffers + Sword of the Paruns

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