MTGCast #70: Planeswalkers are here!

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MTGCast Episode 70 - Planeswalkers are here!
"You read it somewhere else, but you heard it here first!"

This Week in Magic
Planeswalker is the new hot card type for Lorwyn and has a whole slew of new rules to go along with it, take a look at Liliana Vess and Garruk Wildspeaker. A bunch of Lorwyn cards have been leaked and are on the "Unofficial" Lorwyn spoiler and the Official Spoilers will start on on Monday. A bunch of card scans [1][2][3][4]. Some new art scans [1][2]. Some Lorwyn promotional posters seen that list a large number of card names. Rumors abound of a "Spike" Faerie and a Giant-pumping Giant creature. Devin Low's latest article lists his favorite Lorwyn card "Oblivion Ring".

Wizards has announced a Elves vs Goblin theme deck package with alternate art foil rares, four rares per deck and are Extended Legal - look for them on November 16, 2007. The Class of 2007 has been announced for the Magic Hall of Fame. National champions have been crowned in Germany and Japan and Grand Prix Florence is wrapping up!

MTGCast News
Dom tells the story of his wayward laptop and a mysterious package he received in the mail. Gavin also announces his new "Gaming with Gavin" show and some upcoming updates and fixes to the site!

Emails and Comments
Tom thanks Anthony Galindo for letting him know about the first Planeswalker scan and discusses emails from Xenophanes and Sinborn.

Combo of the Week
Dom : Greater Gargadon + Sword of the Meek + Mogg War Marshal
Tom : Threaten + Phyrexian Vault
Gavin : Psychotrope Thallid + Sprout Swarm

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Dom & Tom & Gavin - Your Monday Night Magic news team!


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