MTGCast #71: Giants, Goblins and Faeries, Oh My!

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MTGCast Episode 71 - Giants, Goblins and Faeries, oh my!
"You read it somewhere else, but you heard it here first!"

This Week in Magic
It's all about Lorwyn this week with a whole bunch (164 when I'm typing this) of cards spoiled for Lorwyn and they look HOT. Please open up the unofficial Lorwyn spoiler over on MTGSalvation while we talk about this upcoming set. We pick our favorite Planeswalker, favorite new card mechanic or keyword, favorite card and our pick for the strongest card in the set. Listeners, email us your picks or comments!

Fact of Fiction
With the new Planeswalker card type and its use of Loyalty counters, will cards like Clockspinning, Doubling Season and Trickbind seem much more play?

Ah-Hoy! News
Preview card of the week: Seasick

MTGCast News has a new look and the feed (the same one as before) should be working again! Keep your eyes open as we catch up on the Roadwarrior Otwell show with releases on Tu / Thur / Sat. And we may have a new video podcast joining the mix AND hopefully the first "new" Gaming with Gavin.

Emails and Comments
Tom talks about a few he received and a great question about what is the most skill-based format outside of limited?

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