MTGCast #72: O-Ring and Pre-release Hints!

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MTGCast Episode 72: O-ring and Pre-release Hints!
"You read it somewhere else, but you heard it here first!"

This Week in Magic
Lorwyn is almost here with pre-releases coming up this weekend, so make sure to check out the spoiler on MTGsalvation which currently has 242 of 301 cards! Gavin fancies Jace Beleren as his pick for best Planeswalker. Gavin thinks that Changeling is one of the best keywords, but is most excited to see how Planeswalker shakes things up. Favorite cards of the week are Tom with Ameboid Changeling, Dom with Guile, and Gavin with Colfernor's Plans. Strongest card sees Thoughtseize getting two votes and Mistblind Clique with one, and Thoughtseize is shaping to perhaps be THE chase rare for set, being playable in all formats. The hosts also agree that Boggart Hoodlums are very, very poopy. The Lorwyn life counter has been spotted and looks nice. Also, an interesting Japanese foil promo alternate art Mogg Fanatic has been spotted. Gavin also gives us some tips for playing sealed for this weekend. Please email or comment your thoughts and we will bring them all together for next week's show - and next week's show will be coming out on Tuesday. This way, we can get you all of the Pre-release goodness. Also, send us your photos, video, thoughts from your pre-release for the next episode!

User Input
Dom reads a bunch user picks for Lorwyn cards.

MTGCast News
Chris Otwell is now in charge of show scheduling and the MTGCast feed is up and WORKING! Look forward to some "Gaming with Gavin" this week and maybe a new video podcast.

Emails and Comments
Comments from Tony, Noman Peopled and more.

Stump the Chump
How does Pariah interact with Planeswalkers and when does one need to declare if they are attacking their opponent or their planeswalker?

Combo of the Week
Dom : Any changeling creature + Steamflogger Boss
Tom : Oblivion Ring + Vedalken Mastermind
Gavin : Boggart Shenanigans + Traumatize

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