MTGCast #73: Soaring Hope, It's That Good!

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MTGCast Episode 73 - Soaring Hope, It's That Good!
"You read it somewhere else, but you heard it here first!"

This Week in Magic
Tom and Gavin bring you a trademarked "MTGCast Lite" episode. Gavin gives us the low-down on his pre-release weekend of judging and playing. He also mentions his favorite card of the weekend (Wort, Boggart Auntie), his deck archetype and more. Lorwyn is up on and Gatherer for your searching pleasure. Unofficial Lorwyn patches for MWS and Apprentice have been spotted in the wild. Also, Wizards goes through and updates all the creatures in Magic to help bring some order to creature types and classes, read here for more and why in the world was 'Anteater' added to Prowling Pangolin? Rumors abound of Damnation being the next foil Player Rewards full art textless promo. The first Morningtide art preview (and speculation) along with some gorgeous Lorywn promo lands from Japan. We also spy another Japanese promo - Llanowar Elves!

User Corner
Thank you to everyone who commented on Episode 72 on MTGSalvation and some good (and bad) points made about our favorite enchantment, Soaring Hope.

Ah-Hoy! News
First Ah-Hoy! podcast coming this weekend!

MTGCast News
Pretty dry here, but Tom is darn excited to play some Rigger Tribal after picking up four Steamflogger Boss.

Tribal Time With Tom
Get ready for Giants next week (and here is a sneak peak of my decklist with Lorwyn!).

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