MTGCast Episode 80 - This ain't your momma's Cube!

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MTGCast Episode 80 - This ain't your momma's Cube!
"You read it somewhere else, but you heard it here first!"

This Week in Magic
We have our first peeks at the Morningtide product images and some hints at the upcoming precon decks. Also confirmed is the class-heavy theme of Morningtide and three new keywords - Prowl, Kinship and Reinforce. Worlds 2007 is joined by the NY Anime Festival at the same time at the same place! Some absolutely amazing card alterations featured on a MTGSalvation forum including some beautiful Planeswalkers and a Birds of Paradise.

MTGCast News
Check out Gavin's Cube, see the Cube thread on MTGSal and hear some more detailed discussion of the new awesome draft format. Go sign up and post some videos or photos on the new MTGCast Facebook page - already 23 members! MTGCast is also honored to be nominated for Article of the Year on MTGSalvation.

Emails, Comments and COMMENT CONTEST!
The winner this week of the 2x Hasran Ogress and Junun Efreet is ... Queklain!

This is a new weekly contest where I announce a question on the podcast, you post a response (or story) on the MTGSalvation forum for replies to the episode and you can win a card hand-selected from Tom's large collection (and winner is announced on the next week's show). Also, if there are 50+ comments in one week on an episode, Tom will give away his Fruitcake Elemental to a randomly-selected entry!

This week's question is: Your best Tribal story (anything goes as long as it's loosely related to tribes in magic)!
Prize of the week: Foil Undead Warchief from Scourge!

Combo of the Week
Tom : Dryad Arbor + Timber Protector
Gavin : Judge of Currents + Summon The School

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Dom & Tom & Gavin - Your Monday Night Magic news team!


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