MTGCast Worlds Special: Interview with Mark Rosewater and Aaron Forsythe!

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MTGCast at Worlds - Interview with Mark Rosewater and Aaron Forsythe!
"You read it somewhere else, but you heard it here first!"

The Interview!
I sat down with Mark Rosewater and Aaron Forsythe for a 90 minute roundtable discussion at Worlds 2007 in NYC. We talked about planeswalkers, design, development, Morningtide, Shadowmoor, and a ton more! I even learned that Mark Rosewater is really excited for Shadowmoor and that Aaron Forsythe's favorite Lorwyn card is Makeshift Mannequin! We also hear from the experts on which planeswalker is best, why clash is a great mechanic, and what about Tarmogoyf.

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