MTGCast #84: But Will You Respect Me in the Morningtide?

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MTGCast Episode 84 - But, will you respect me in the Morningtide?
"You read it somewhere else, but you heard it here first!"

This Week in Magic
Start salivating and saving, the new judge promo is Goblin Piledriver with new art! The PTQ schedule for 2008 leading to Hollywood is out, so get prepared for a huge extended metagame. The 2008 Grand Prix schedule is also available, and you can check out the new Call of the Herd promo!

Morningtide Mojo
Three new cards with scans up on the MTGSalvation unofficial spoiler! Preeminent Captain, Stomping Slabs, and Latchkey Faerie. Hear Gavin let us know the nuts and bolts about whether these are exciting or just meh. Check out a picture of five Monringtide cards fanned on each other and see a "Soldier Equipment"! Also, some rumors about a possible wording for Reinforce, which should be taken with a Rain of Salt.

MTGCast News
A big awesome high-five to Wizards and the people at PorterNovelli for our surprise Christmas gifts! MTGCast also won the Article of the Month for November, waahoo!!!!

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